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Special benefits given by Xinhaoxuan doors and windows to consumers. Xinhaoxuan doors and windows - wechat group purchase meeting of VIP customer factory was a complete success

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special benefits given by Xinhaoxuan doors and windows to consumers

Xinhaoxuan doors and windows - wechat group purchase meeting of VIP customer factory was a complete success

here you can enjoy the most high-end products at the most affordable price

on July 26, 2018, Qi Bingfeng, marketing director of Xinhaoxuan doors and windows The regional manager and many teachers participated in this activity to give you the basic knowledge of aluminum alloy doors and windows and how to choose products suitable for your home

the owners participating in the wechat factory group purchase meeting can enjoy all preferential policies and the lowest price of the event. The headquarters of the event promised: the guaranteed price is for the whole year, and the price difference is returned 10 times

this activity was warmly called on by the majority of consumer friends. More than 400 people joined the live room in only 40 minutes. Under the leadership of teachers, the atmosphere was very active, and everyone actively participated in the activities and interactions

the success of this event can not be separated from the strong support of the company for the event, so that more owners across the country can enjoy Xinhaoxuan door and window products at a more affordable price

Xinhaoxuan doors and windows are very strict with the quality control of products. Heavy investment has been made to introduce foreign top-level advanced equipment, and important strategic reforms have been made on the basis of integrating production standards and technology. Taking the production and development of products as an example, Xinhaoxuan doors and windows has always adhered to the concept of "high standards and strict requirements". Special aluminum materials of aviation grade are used, and the wind resistance can reach more than level 10; The hardness of tempered glass is high, which is comparable to that of automotive glass; In terms of hardware accessories, the top German imported brands such as Gewu and hobo are selected. The combination of ingenious design concept and Seiko technology makes the product performance of Xinhaoxuan doors and windows particularly outstanding

to lay the brand foundation with product innovation and quality, and to precipitate the brand connotation with corporate culture is the only way to sublimate the brand. Xinhaoxuan doors and windows continues to improve the dealer's service level and marketing thinking, and highlights Xinhaoxuan's spiritual concept of "craftsman spirit, adhering to pragmatic innovation, and firmly believing that quality is king" with more meaningful cultural genes, which has a strong resonance with consumers





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