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The base film is used as the base, which is water-based and has no irritating taste. It is an environmental protection product instead of varnish. Its function is to form a hard protective film between the wallpaper and the wall surface, solidify and protect the putty surface, protect the wall surface, strengthen the waterproof function of the wall bottom, and have mold proof and antibacterial functions. But it can't be painted until the putty is completely dry

wallpaper special glue: glue powder + glue:

glutinous rice glue (also known as Japanese wet glue):

1. Product introduction

taking edible glutinous rice as raw material, Japanese high-tech products have high bonding strength, stable performance, good water solubility, more convenient use, environmental protection and non-toxic

2. Scope of use

the scope of use is very wide. It is suitable for pasting all kinds of wallpapers, wall cloths and heavy wallpapers. When it is used for pasting special metal wallpapers, it shows its advantages and can repair the edges of all kinds of wallpapers

3. Characteristics

Super Viscous, non-toxic, tasteless and environmental friendly

4. Construction method:

1.2kg per barrel (bag) can basically be pasted with 13-18 square meters (depending on the wallpaper material). When diluting, please according to the state of the wallpaper and materials, remove 40% or 50% of the original solution and dilute it with water, which is about a little more than half of the ordinary mineral water bottle, and then mix it fully, Put it for about ten minutes to adjust the concentration to yogurt like that we usually drink. If you need to paste wallpaper, after gluing, stack the wallpaper and soak it for about 5 minutes before pasting, so as to effectively prevent the sticking object from warping, cracking and variation, and achieve the best use effect. The specific construction method depends on the thickness and material of the wallpaper, and the master can adjust it by himself


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