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Many villa owners regard the basement as a utility room, which makes me helpless. The basement has a spacious area, which must be used to do something. So, how to decorate the basement of the villa? Next, Xiaobian has prepared some renderings of villa basement decoration. Let's see how to decorate the villa basement

1. How to decorate the basement of the villa

1. Gym

the basement of the villa generally has a very spacious area. If it is transformed into a gym, the owner can exercise at home. Villa communities are generally far away from the urban area. With a gym, the whole family can exercise together, killing two birds with one stone. However, it is well known that the basement is wet, so the owners who want to change it into a gym must give consideration to waterproof and ventilation. It is suggested that everyone should follow the waterproof engineering of the bathroom

2. Reception and leisure area

the villa environment is relatively quiet. If a friend wants to be high, it is easy to disturb the surrounding neighbors, but if you get together in the basement, it can be more open. The basement is changed into a reception and leisure area, and the hard decoration does not need to be changed; We can make more use of waterproof wallpaper and waterproof paint to decorate, coupled with some lights, this environment can also appear classy. Finally, add some simple furniture, and this reception and leisure area is no worse than the upstairs living room

3. It is the dream of countless film friends to have a private theater in the projection room. The space on the ground is not good, so we will build a projection room in the basement. A screen, a projector and a stereo can form a home theater. Think about the warmth of watching movies with the whole family. Happiness is really that simple. If you want a better movie viewing environment, you can spend some time on soft packaging

4. Tea room

if you are a tea friend who likes making tea and want to decorate a tea room for your villa, you might as well try to decorate a tea room in the basement. Friends who know tea know that making tea requires a Zen environment, and tea will have a good taste. The environment in the basement is quiet. As long as some sunshine is introduced and a little arrangement is made, it can create a Zen effect and highlight the taste of the owner

5. Wine cellar

if you are a red wine collector who likes to collect red wine, and you are short of a hiding place, the basement can be your best choice. The basement environment is also the best collection for red wine

article summary: the above is all about how to decorate the basement of the villa prepared by Xiaobian for you. The space in the basement of the villa should not be abandoned. It should be well arranged and made functional, which is equivalent to buying half a suite. Why not





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