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On August 10, Beijing time, Chen Ruolin/Liu Huixia won another Olympic hardware king of the Chinese diving dream team in the women's synchronized 10 meter platform final of the Rio Olympics

Sheng youmumen: pay tribute to Wu Minxia and Chen Ruolin. The low-key persistence of Olympic hardware is more great

on August 10, Beijing time, in the women's synchronized 10 meter platform final of Rio Olympics, Chen Ruolin/Liu Huixia won the championship again, which is also another Olympic hardware king of China's diving dream team after Wu Minxia and Shi Tingmao won the championship on August 9. At present, Chen Ruolin, together with gymnast Zou Kai and senior sister Wu Minxia, has become the Chinese athlete who has won the most Olympic gold medals

Wu Minxia: with three different partners, the iron fist kept unchanged, and Wu Minxia won the last gold medal of her sports career at the age of 31. In the past three Olympic Games, her partners have changed one after another. Only Wu Minxia has persevered. Only she has come to the present. She is also the first female diver in history to win the gold medal of the world championships with three different partners. Wu Minxia's Olympic Partner has experienced Guo Jingjing, He Zi and Shi Tingmao. Wu Minxia was once called a "glass man" by her coach. At the end of her career, Wu Minxia was accompanied by fatigue and discomfort caused by muscle strain, as well as some old injuries in her waist and back, but she didn't give up the word in her dictionary. For her, persistence is the only reason to go on. She will only keep training and try to receive treatment to minimize the impact of injuries. Finally, Wu Minxia stood on the Olympic podium again with the title of "glass man", and became a well deserved 3-meter Diving Queen after Fu Mingxia and Guo Jingjing, none of them, bringing a successful end to her 25 year diving career

Chen Ruolin: three different opponents, the same 100% Championship rate of iron strike

as the youngest Olympic hardware king in the ten meter platform world, 24-year-old Chen Ruolin created a new Olympic myth. As early as the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, when she was only 16 years old, Chen Ruolin won two gold medals in women's single 10m platform and double 10m platform at one stroke, and a new generation of Platform Diving Queen seemed to be born. In the 2012 London Olympics, her double partner was replaced by Wang Hao, but this did not hinder Chen Ruolin's progress. She defended her title in two events and completed the great cause of four Olympic gold medals when she was only 20 years old. The opponent has been changing. The same thing is that the champion has always been held by Chen Ruolin. Chen Ruolin participated in three Olympic Games, and won gold medals in all five events, with a title winning rate of 100%. This strength of persistence is particularly valuable. I believe that more magic records are still waiting for the platform diving queen to create

won the export champion for nine years: the ever-changing market and the unchanging quality of Shengyou

on August 5, the official data of the list of top 100 forest products export enterprises (wood products) in the second quarter of 2016 released by FPI China forest products index mechanism showed that Dalian Shengyou door industry still ranked first in China's solid wood door export volume, This is also the ninth consecutive time that Shengyou wooden door has ranked first in the export list of China's solid wood doors since it created the highest export record of China's solid wood doors with millions of wooden doors in 2007. Shengyou wooden door, which has the largest single solid wood door factory in the world, produces a solid wood door every 25 seconds. The annual Shengyou wooden door can circle the earth 41 times. It is exported to more than 26 countries around the world. The annual export volume of solid wood doors reaches 1million, and the global users exceed 10million. At present, whether exported to Tokyo, Japan, the wettest place in the world, or exported to Las Vegas, the driest place in the world, the quality is still the same

God will not give you more because of your shouting, but he will give you the reward you deserve because of your silent efforts. Wu Minxia, who is quiet and weak, and Chen Ruolin, who is usually low-key and speechless, grow a powerful source of power in the depths of her heart; Silent Shengyou wooden door has proved the champion quality of Chinese wooden door with practical actions, and has become the pride of "made in China" in the wooden door industry

please remember that only by working silently, can you show your intention more, and only by low-key persistence, can you show your greatness more





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