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Our Qianding exhibition hall has been expanded compared with previous years. Now our exhibition hall has more than 200 square meters. Because our products are increasing in various styles, the scale is expanding

interview guest: Chen Chuan, sales director of Chongqing QianDing Furniture Co., Ltd.

Home hotline: please introduce the development of Qianding door industry

President Chen: Qianding door industry is in a period of development now, because our plant has failed to meet the demand of our production capacity. Changshou District of Chongqing also has our plan for a new plant, and we are now officially put into construction. The scale of the plant is also nearly 50000 square meters. We are slowly developing and growing. Another is that our products are also being updated and improved. In addition to its own simple European style, there is also an idyllic style. Now the requirements of the market are also slowly tending to be younger. For a young consumer group such as 80 and 90, our simple European style is suitable for such a group, so we are developing slowly

home hotline: Qianding is a frequent visitor in our international door industry strategy meeting. What is the difference between this year's exhibition and last year's or previous years

President Chen: our exhibition hall of Qianding wooden door has expanded compared with previous years. Now our exhibition hall has more than 200 square meters. Because all styles of our products are increasing, the scale is expanding

home hotline: what is your purpose of this exhibition

President Chen: we vigorously attract investment. Because our current investment policy is very generous. We are divided into two sections, one is the investment promotion of dealers and the discount of samples, and the other is the investment promotion of exclusive stores. We have a decoration subsidy and discount for the investment promotion of exclusive stores, which is a great support for our dealers, and we hope that our interested dealers will pay attention to us

home hotline: after the exhibition, does Qianding door industry have any actions

Mr. Chen: after the Beijing exhibition, the construction of the plant will be started, because we will attend the exhibition in Guangzhou in July to improve our popularity and also hope to improve our brand in the industry. We treat our dealers with honesty and pragmatism. Another is that we do our best to face our dealers with excellent service. We hope to make a win-win situation with our dealers

home hotline: if you are interested in joining Qianding door industry, paying attention to Qianding door industry and understanding Qianding door industry, in addition to this Beijing exhibition, you can also go to the Guangzhou Construction Expo in July to watch Qianding door products and understand their services. I also thank President Chen, and we also wish Qianding door industry a good result in this Beijing exhibition! Thank you, Mr. Chen

President Chen: Thank you




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