Decoration effect drawing of Qingjiang Shanshui 90

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Home with rural style is what many people yearn for, and sweet and warm is the synonym of this style; Nowadays, many people like returning to nature, and the pastoral style is more pleasant. The Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network finally found a distinctive pastoral style in Wuhan Decoration Forum. I want to see what I like. This set of pastoral style home made by the post-80s generation is warm and nostalgic in overall tone, which makes people linger and forget to return

householder's file:

[decoration owner] personality post-80s

[decoration area] 90 square meters

[decoration style] retro pastoral

[decoration house type] 2 rooms and 2 halls

[decoration cost] 120000 (half a bag)

pure paper wallpaper and imitation old wood wallboard with original wood grain. Cotton and linen are the mainstream fabric on the soft decoration, The overall antique wood color and green cotton linen fabric can be well coordinated with the primitive and rough rural style. The tone and shape are more natural and comfortable, and the furniture style combines classical modeling with modern lines, ergonomics and decorative art It perfectly reflects the American rural style

at the entrance of the porch, is there a feeling of returning to the countryside and home? Green shrubs and a pot of flowers can light up the whole corridor, so that you can explore the interior of the room and meet your exploration psychology

the lighting in the living room is very good, the overall space is bright, and I feel happy





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