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BroadSoft won the 2016 trust and cloud unified communication provider award

ctiforum on June 17 (Liwenjie): BroadSoft, Inc. (NASDAQ: BSFT), the leader of global unified communication software as a service (ucaas), announced that the company was awarded the annual Asia Pacific trust and cloud unified communication platform provider award by frost Sullivan, a global research company

this award is a part of frost Sullivan's best practice plan for the year 2016. The enterprises commended have consistent high standards for providing customer value in various regions and global markets, and have outstanding performance in improving ICT delivery through leadership, technological innovation, customer service and strategic product development

jonathan Reid, managing director of BroadSoft Asia Pacific and emerging markets, said: we are very glad that our work in the Asia Pacific region in the past year was recognized by frost Sullivan. We have been investing heavily in the Asia Pacific region to help our service provider partners seize the growth opportunities in the unified communications market. We believe that our award-winning broad works (R) and broad cloud (R) software platforms and UC one (R) services under the microscope will receive very good response from customers, which is our way to focus on service providers

broadsoft significantly expanded its service and support team in the Asia Pacific region last year. In november2015, it acquired pbxlkk in Tokyo (now renamed BroadSoft Japan KK), completing its first international acquisition in the Asia Pacific region. In april2016, BroadSoft announced the launch of broadcloud services in Japan. In 2002, BroadSoft established its first commercial operation in the Asia Pacific region in Australia and New Zealand, and won many first-line operators and Challenger operators' customers in the Asia Pacific region. BroadSoft has hundreds of service provider customers worldwide, including 25 of the top 30 service providers in terms of revenue

frostandsullivan senior partner and managing director Manoj Menon said that it is suitable for extrusion processing of general materials: on behalf of frostandsullivan, I am pleased to congratulate BroadSoft on winning the 2016 trust and cloud unified communication platform provider award. The company has been investing heavily in the Asia Pacific region, and their cooperation with service providers in the Asia Pacific region is very good. Our review team believes that as service providers continue to expand differentiated unified communication services supported by BroadSoft technology, this development momentum will certainly accelerate in the future

Frost SulEmail: Jessie Yu, research manager of digital transformation in the Asia Pacific region, said that technological progress and difficult macroeconomic conditions have led to the emergence of new technology delivery and consumption patterns, including managed IP and cloud unified communication and collaboration (UCC) services

she also said: BroadSoft is one of the leading global platform providers. In the Asia Pacific region, the company has successfully established cooperative relations with key telecom operators in Australia, South Korea, Japan, Singapore and Malaysia. In 2015, it saw new market opportunities in Japan and China. In addition, in the coming year, the company's cloud and unified communication solutions have strong potential for further growth through service providers in the Asia Pacific region

about frost sullivan:

frost Sullivan, a growth partner company, cooperates with customers to meet global challenges through visionary innovation, seize relevant growth opportunities, and create or subvert today's market participants

for more than 50 years, we have been formulating growth strategies for global top 1000 enterprises, emerging enterprises, the public sector and the investment community. Is your organization ready for a new wave of industrial convergence, disruptive technologies, increasingly fierce competition, general trends, breakthrough best practices, changing customer dynamics and emerging economies

about broadsoft:

broadsoft is a leading software and service provider that supports mobile, fixed and cable TV service providers to provide unified communication services over IP networks. BroadSoft's core communication platform can provide a series of enterprise and personal voice, message and collaborative communication services, including PBX, video call, SMS and mobile fixed integration services

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