Brief summary of the key points of China's digital

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Brief summary of the key points of China's digital printing development in 2015

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core tip: quoting British writer Charles? A sentence in Dickens' masterpiece a tale of two cities describes the current printing market, "this is the best time and the worst time."

[China Packaging News] citing British writer Charles? A sentence in Dickens' masterpiece a tale of two cities describes the current printing market. This is the best time and the worst time

for China's printing industry, 2014 was an extraordinary year. The rapid maturity of new media and the popularity of intelligent mobile clients have promoted the rapid development of mobile Internet, which has not only impacted the traditional media worldwide, but also affected the printing industry. The subdivided fields such as book, newspaper printing and direct mail have become the hardest hit areas of the traditional printing industry

despite the frequent bad news in the domestic printing industry, the printing market is still stable. According to the latest data released by the National Bureau of statistics, from January to October 2014, the main business income of printing enterprises above designated size increased by 10.2% compared with the same period last year, with a cumulative total of 527.63 billion yuan, more than 510.7 billion yuan in 2013

compared with Europe and the United States, China's printing industry is still developing continuously, but at the same time, the unhappiness of the global printing industry is widely used in China in machinery, electronics, universities, research institutes and other industries, which also makes the domestic industry more vigilant and more innovative and exploratory. At this time, digital printing technology is relying on its advantages of short edition, which is concerned by more and more people in the industry

throughout the major exhibitions at home and abroad in 2014, many traditional equipment manufacturers have announced to enter the field of digital printing by taking advantage of the exhibition platform. From the perspective of the number of visitors, the digital Pavilion of the just concluded Fifth China International all printing exhibition is like a roaring crowd. Looking at the actions of domestic printing enterprises, there are not few touch, copy and we media marketing

in terms of the development process, China's digital printing industry started late, and is still at the initial stage of seeking positioning and exploring the business model due to the influence of the traditional printing industry model. Breaking through the shackles and operating the digital printing industry with innovative thinking must be the mainstream trend in 2015. Here, I think we should pay attention to the following points in the future:

breaking through the shallow meaning of digital printing, and comprehensive digitalization is the future development goal.

in the past two years, domestic printing enterprises have begun to realize step by step that it is not purchasing digital printing equipment that provides customers with short-term personalized services, It can be called a digital printing enterprise. In the information age, there is a more comprehensive definition of digital printing enterprises

2015, we will strive to realize the process from receiving orders to managing and dispatching orders, from producing printed products to distributing logistics one by one through digital processes and technologies. Of course, this involves not only the station building part, but also the existing digital printing enterprises to increase investment in production management, logistics tracking and other follow-up links

just as Taiwan Jianhao has set us an example in fine management, its cooperation with Tianjin evergreen in 2014 also accurately identified the weakness of the domestic printing market in this regard

from commodity interconnection to service interconnection, the transformation of digital printing business model is imminent

2014, the state issued a number of favorable policies for the development planning of digital printing. Among them, the implementation plan for deepening the reform of the publishing system, which is concerned by the industry, stressed the need to focus on guiding the transformation of the printing replication industry from production and processing to comprehensive service, and accelerating the integration of traditional printing replication and interconnection

while Internet impacts on traditional industries, it also promotes their transformation, and the printing industry is no exception. From the current point of view, digital printing enterprises have flexible operation mode and are always at the forefront of reform. At present, many enterprises have sold goods through the Internet, but this is not enough. In the future, we should increase investment in network platforms and offline services, and complete the transformation and upgrading from commodity interconnection to service interconnection

only with the ability of technology integration and thinking innovation can we have a broader vision

just as Alipay of Alibaba has subverted the traditional banking industry, and the e-commerce platform has subverted the household appliance and department store industry, we don't know whether the next subversion will be the printing industry. However, in this era full of variables, more innovative thinking is not a bad thing. At present, the digital printing industry focuses more on technology, from single to deep, and the diversification of business skills has generally tended to be normal, but this is far from enough

in the future, we should not only focus on the development of some technologies in the printing industry, but also understand the changes in other industries. At the same time, we should also start to reserve talents in Internet technology, marketing, etc. in a planned way for emergencies. Only in this way can we take the initiative when the situation changes

actively explore new application fields of digital printing

traditional printing has a long history and has been well applied in commerce, publishing, packaging and other fields through years of experience accumulation. However, with the economic development, customers' 2. The main motor power supply demand of the experimental machine tends to be small batch and multi batch. Digital printing continues to invade the traditional printing field. While meeting the needs of short edition, it is also constantly exploring new application fields, For example, building decoration printing, personalized wallpaper and floor spray printing, which have achieved initial success, are gradually favored by more young consumers

for example, digital printing technology is used in the textile industry to print exclusive patterns for customers; Or is it the emerging functional printing of making electronic components by printing? The digital printing technology continues to change, and the marketing model also continues to mature. In the new year, enterprises in the industry should continue to develop new applications suitable for digital printing in combination with innovative thinking, and the continuous integration with other industries will also create new sparks for the printing industry

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