Brightest color band joint regeneration device

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Ribbon bonding regeneration device

patent application No 6. The disclosed

Timken test method can be combined with other test methods to comprehensively evaluate the extreme pressure function of gear oil. The utility model relates to a printing ribbon box, in particular to a device box for repairing the printing ribbon. It includes: 1. The greening of plastic additives is the premise of realizing the environmental friendliness of plastic materials. There are circuit elements inside, a bottom at the bottom, switches and indicator lights at the top or side to connect the circuit. There is an opening of an electric heating tank on the top, which corresponds to the internal electricity, and there is a heat conducting diathermal sheet on it. There is a bolt seat and a bolt hole on the trailing edge; An upper cover is provided with a cover plate protruding at the position corresponding to the heat permeable sheet, and a cover bolt is provided at the position corresponding to the bolt seat at the rear edge, and a cover hole is opened; A bolt shaft is in a long strip shape, passing through the bolt hole and cover hole. For the covers in the above sans (Table 1), it should be checked that the overflow pipe guide can be in a compressible state relative to the seat

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