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Huidian technology was invited to participate in the central enterprise informatization seminar ctiforum on January 26 (Liwenjie): on January 24, the central enterprise informatization Symposium in the Internet + era was held in Yanyuan building of Peking University. This conference was hosted by China new generation IT industry promotion alliance and co organized by the informatization and information management Research Center of Peking University. Yang Xuecai, a part-time professor of Peking University and former Vice Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, was invited to make the working capacity of the equipment meet the specified requirements The commercialization cost of all vanadium liquid flow battery is facing major challenges. At the same time, CIOs and information principals from more than 20 central enterprises such as Sinosteel, PetroChina, Guodian, CNOOC, Chinacoal and CRRC participated in the meeting. Beijing Huidian Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Huidian Technology) is a management software and service provider that has been deeply engaged in central enterprises and group enterprises for more than ten years and has distinct business advantages. It was invited to attend the conference

the meeting was presided over by Mr. Yaole, Secretary General of Peking University Informatization and information management research center and Secretary General of China new generation IT industry promotion alliance. Mr. Lihong, general manager of operation improvement department of Sinosteel group and President of CIO Alumni Association of Peking University, made a presentation

as the core supporting technology of Internet +, new generation information technologies such as cloud computing, big data, IOT and mobile Internet are providing a strong technical driving force for the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries. Under the new situation, how to grasp the development trend of Internet + and how to use the new generation of information technology to help enterprises realize Internet transformation and business innovation have become the issues that every CIO of a central enterprise pays close attention to. In this regard, Mr. yangxueshan made a thematic discussion on how CIO should respond to new challenges with you. He had a heated interaction and discussion with the guests on the innovation of energy, steel, petrochemical, agriculture, finance and other industries, the transformation of information technology 3 to promote the implementation of policies and technology centers related to major technical equipment, and the transformation of manufacturing industry

subsequently, Han Guoquan, vice president of Huidian technology, gave a keynote speech on how mobile informatization can help enterprises transform and innovate. This paper analyzes the current national policies, economic environment and cross-border competition among enterprises. At the same time, it combs the aspects of flat management, end-to-end efficiency improvement, enterprise production and operation mode transformation under the new environment. The analysis shows that it is urgent to establish a strategic thinking of mobile priority and build a strategic view of enterprise mobile informatization. Enterprises need to take advantage of mobile Internet to promote enterprise transformation and innovation from the aspects of enterprise socialization, production and operation improvement, and innovative business models

Huidian technology has focused on mobile applications for many years. Relying on mobile Internet technology, from the perspective of comprehensive mobility, and aiming at expanding new mobile application solutions and business models, it provides solutions such as mobile information consulting, mobile application platforms, industrialized mobile applications, mobile terminal management, operation and maintenance, and services when the sample is under pressure and axial compression. With rich enterprise class mobile application solutions and products, it has provided mobile services for more than 150 large enterprises

take the AP enterprise mobile application platform as an example. Aiming at the multi-level, wide distribution and diversified business and management modes of group enterprises, the platform aims to achieve the mobility of multi business systems and meet the coverage of multi mobile terminal applications, improve the horizontal and vertical communication and processing capabilities of enterprises, effectively support the innovation and improvement of enterprise business management and operation control, and provide more perfect mobile Internet products and services for large enterprises. The research and development of this platform is ahead of the domestic products of the same type in terms of technology progressiveness, comprehensiveness and application cases in large enterprises; It is ahead of similar foreign products in terms of domestic security system, document reading technology and message push technology. At present, more than 1000 mobile developers carry out enterprise mobile information construction based on this platform, which improves the efficiency by at least 30% compared with traditional enterprise mobile development. At present, there are more than 20000 mobile application end users. It is a powerful guarantee for the implementation of mobile information strategy of large enterprises

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