Brunel, the most lost team in the VOA sailing race

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Brunel team lost in VOA sailing race: Brunel team lost in VOA sailing race from the first to the fifth: Brunel team finally arrived at the fourth stage of the Volvo round the wld sailing race from the first to the fifth at 20:30 Beijing time on February 28, becoming the Fifth Fleet. Brunel took a huge lead when crossing the Luzon Strait, but only finished fifth in the end. This stage of Brunel's team is regrettable

when they first sailed out of Sanya, there was not much difference between the fleets. After sailing against the wind in the South China Sea for several days, the fleet arrived in the Luzon Strait. At this time, there were great differences in the navigation routes of the six fleets. Brunel and eisenya chose to sail north to avoid the weak wind area, while the other four fleets chose the shortest route - sailing south close to the Philippines. When the fleets first separated, due to the relatively circuitous route to the north, the route was longer and the termination was longer, so Brunel and eisenya were behind other fleets. However, due to this special route selection, Brunel team has obtained the support of strong wind, and the ship speed is much faster than other fleets. When passing through the Mariana Trench, Brunel team has surpassed other fleets and taken the lead. After that, the fleets of the north and South lines converged again. At this time, their leading edge was considerable

however, the good times did not last long, and Brunel's difficulties came one after another. On February 14, their fore deck Goethe Jane Portman was impacted by the sea water and hit the steering board while changing sails, resulting in rupture of one ear eardrum and injury to his arm. He was immediately placed in a bunk for rest and had to take a lot of painkillers. During this period, nearly half of the crew members were troubled by influenza, which had some impact on their future performance

later, when passing the equatorial calm zone, Brunel team did not continue to sail in the northeast, but moved to the westernmost position among the six fleets, which made their wind power smaller than that of other fleets, so their leading edge was gradually reduced. Later, in order to avoid an island in the Pacific Ocean, they chose to turn eastward, which put their sailboat at a disadvantage and completely left the leading position. In the windless zone, any small action will cause a chain reaction, with a positive width of 1200mm indenter). As the captain Buwei Beijin said, this decision was a small mistake, but caused serious consequences. From the first to the fifth, Brunel's team was deeply hit. When the crew were asked about their feelings, the always optimistic Lucas milewicz said: "don't let me talk about my feelings any more. I'm almost crying." In the end, they only got the fifth place. The captain said frankly: "this stage is a great blow to our sailors. They played well, but did not achieve good results. This is very bitter, but this is sailing."

in ocean navigation, a correct decision may not be the final victory, but a small mistake is likely to cause huge losses. Brunel team only got the fifth place in PCU in the third and fourth stages, which made them quite disappointed. However, Brunel still occupies the third place in the total championship, and they said they would adjust their condition to meet the future competition

about Volvo round the wld yacht race

· the predecessor of Volvo round the wld yacht race originated from the wld yacht race in 1973. The Volvo round the wld yacht race, which has a history of 41 years, has welcomed the 12th race

· this competition was officially opened in Alicante, Spain on October 4, 2014, and will end in Gothenburg, Sweden, Volvo's hometown on June 27, 2015

· during the voyage of 38739 nautical miles, the fleet stopped at Cape Town (South Africa), Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates), Sanya (China), Auckland (New Zealand), itaga (Brazil), Newport (United States), Lisbon (Portugal) and Lorient (France). The 24-hour arrival stop in the Hague, the Netherlands, was also set up between Lorient and Gothenburg

· Volvo Ocean 65, a new high-performance sailing boat with unified design, will be used in the next two competitions. The new ship is designed by farryachtdesign of the United States and jointly manufactured by four shipyards from Britain, France, Italy and Switzerland

· the new 65 foot (19.8 m) monohull racing yacht has been strictly and uniformly designed and delivered to the fleet in a state suitable for the race. The ship is equipped with the latest video, satellite and content production facilities to further improve the quality of programs shot and produced by the crew

· the seven fleets of the 12th Volvo round the wld yacht race include: all women's fleet aishengya team is another fleet composed entirely of female crew since the season, such as the supporting electronic chemicals in the information network field. The Abu Dhabi team was once again captained by Ian walker, a British silver medalist in the two Olympic Games. The Dongfeng team from China was organized by Dongfeng commercial vehicles. The Brunel team from the Netherlands was captained by the famous sailor Buwei Beijin. Alvi medica team is a joint team of Turkey and the United States. Charlieenright from Rhode Island led the fleet to compete in this event. The team from Spain announced its participation in june2014, sponsored and supported by the insurance giant MF insurance group. The Vestas wind team from Denmark is the last fleet to announce its entry, with six time world champion Chris Nicholson as its captain

· the last Volvo round the wld yacht race started from Alicante, Spain, in october2011. UNITA team led by French Captain Frank kamas finally won the championship in july2012

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