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Glaston group will pay more attention to the Asian market. At this exhibition, Glaston will show its latest products, technologies and services. On our booth, the top brands in the industry, Tam glass, bavaroni, uniglass and albat+wirsam, gathered together. The latest cutting and tempering technology, especially the deep processing technology closely related to the current energy efficiency problem, is more attractive. The new generation of dragon automatic cutting line launched to meet the needs of Asian customers also made its debut at the exhibition

Glaston's large booth area this year also shows once again that Asia, especially China, has become the strategy of Glaston group. The price is slightly higher than that of one arm. "We expect that the market will recover gently and gradually this year. However, the global financial crisis and the rapid growth of the Chinese market have accelerated the transfer of mature markets in Europe and North America to Asia and South America", Arto Mets, President and CEO of Glaston group? Nen said, "as early as the end of last year, we had seen the recovery of the Asian market, especially the Chinese market. This good momentum continued to develop in early 2010. In the leading quarter of this year, Glaston's sales in China almost doubled compared with the same period last year."

in the past few years, Glaston group has made strategic investment in the Chinese market

so we recommended an environmental protection startup company to connect with them.

"we will continue to consolidate and strengthen Glaston's position in China and other Asian markets. Obviously, our factory in Tianjin, the expansion of China's procurement team, the localized product portfolio and the establishment of a distribution center supporting the Tianjin factory are all solid foundations for us to move forward." Arto Mets? Mr Nen stressed

new product release

on the occasion of China glass industry technology exhibition and China glass deep processing Seminar (GPD), Glaston launched the latest cutting line technology of bavaroni procut. "This new technology has performed well in terms of quality and production efficiency, which is in line with the theme of this glass exhibition and the China glass deep processing Seminar (GPD China) hosted by Glaston," said Mr. zhangchengdong, general manager of Glaston Asia Pacific region

Glaston's exhibit

at this exhibition, we exhibited the new bavaroni fully automatic cutting line produced locally. During the exhibition, Glaston China will open the door of Tianjin factory to customers and welcome you to visit the modern production facilities and the latest technological achievements

Tianjin produced tame glass proe CCS? Double chamber furnace is the representative of high-end tempering furnace with high flexibility in the market. ProE CCS? The patented two-stage convection heating system ensures that the tempering of all kinds of glass, from transparent white glass to super Low-E, can be evenly heated. ProE CCS? It is also the best choice for processing all solar glass, and can meet the most stringent requirements of photovoltaic modules and heat accumulation equipment for glass flatness. ProE CCS? Compared with ordinary single chamber strong convection furnace, the production capacity is expanded by nearly 80%

Glaston will also exhibit its complete range of bavaronne steel wheels Series in this exhibition. The three small value items include various metal and resin steel wheels and polishing wheels

Glaston after sales service - long term attention and lifelong support

in addition to providing a complete product manufacturing system, Glaston also provides customers with a wide range of technical services, including service agreements (Glaston care and Glaston care plus), spare parts replacement, maintenance services, equipment and software upgrades, as well as training and technical consulting services (oee- overall efficiency of equipment), So as to ensure the lifelong maintenance of the equipment

In the golden 10 years in the coal industry (2002 (2) 011)

Glaston's product upgrading business has brought recent technology, extended the service life of equipment, and made it more in line with the changing market demand. Even Glaston equipment that has been used for many years can be upgraded, so as to save energy and increase the function of Low-E glass processing to obtain greater benefits. With the energy consumption detection measures and the upgrading of the fan frequency conversion control system, the energy conservation of the equipment is more excellent. Adding convection function also enables the original equipment to upgrade and process Low-E glass

Glaston software solution - top control technology

albat+wirsam software provides the most advanced glass deep processing software system to comprehensively plan, control and optimize the production process of glass deep processing enterprises. We will demonstrate all the software solutions at the exhibition. Our professionals are also waiting at the booth to answer technical questions at any time, and provide one-to-one technical advice and software introduction

Glaston booth No.: Hall W1, booth

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Glaston enterprise management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

:+86 215840978

email: Joyce. Glaston group is a global supplier of glass technology and a global market leader in the glass deep processing equipment and software industry, providing customers with all-round "one-stop partner" services. We have the widest range of products and global service network in the industry. The famous brands owned by Glaston include Bavelloni, which manufactures pretreatment equipment and grinding wheels, tamglass and uniglass, which manufacture safety glass processing equipment, and albat+wirsam, which develops glass deep processing application software system

Glaston, headquartered in Tampere, Finland, is listed on the main board of NASDAQ OMX Helsinki securities

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