Building a benchmark project for water resources u

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Build a benchmark project for water resources utilization in Northwest China! Sany fire is fully open

create a benchmark project for water resources utilization in Northwest China! Sany firepower is fully open

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but according to our experience, Northwest China, which is short of water resources, is building a modern and efficient water use project, which is an important guarantee for the future economic and social development of Northwest China. Yinchuan No.1 reclaimed water plant under construction is committed to building a benchmark project for Ecological Innovation of water resources in the northwest. After the completion of the project, the daily reclaimed water supply scale will be about 300000 tons, which can be used for general industrial water and landscaping water. The utilization rate of water resources in Yinchuan will be increased from 11% to 30%

Sany pump truck helps the construction of Yinchuan No.1 reclaimed water plant

the benchmark project for Ecological Innovation of water resources in Northwest China

Yinchuan No.1 reclaimed water plant covers an area of 230000 square meters, with a construction area of 93000 square meters. It is a semi underground building form, and an open green ecological landscape park is built on the ground. It is a key livelihood project to benefit the general public. After completion, it will become a demonstration base for ecological innovation management of water resources in Northwest China The smart and innovative low-carbon benchmark is expected to be put into use in 2021

where there are key projects, there are Sany equipment. Liwenlong, general manager of Yinchuan weierxin Commercial Concrete Engineering Co., Ltd., said that in about one year, the company has provided more than 150000 cubic meters of high-quality concrete for the project, among which the mixing plant, pump truck and mixing truck are all Sany brands

Yinchuan weierxin Commercial Concrete Engineering Co., Ltd. has one of the best comprehensive strength in the concrete industry in Ningxia and even the whole northwest region. The company has 7 production lines of Sany mixing station, more than 20 Sany pump trucks, more than 160 mixing trucks, and is located in Yinchuan railway station, Wanda Square, pipe Gallery Project, country garden, Vanke Rongchuang, Greenland, Zhonghai, Evergrande, Wanda, Huayuan, Xuhui, Tianshan, Zhongliang, Minsheng, world trade, construction development, China real estate, Jingneng, Greentown and other real estate projects have won praise from many parties. Yinchuan railway station project has won Luban Award

According to liwenlong, the Yinchuan railway station jointly built by Weixin and sany won the Luban Prize. Weixin now purchases equipment other than Sany. In the past five years, Weixin has purchased Sany pumping equipment for tens of millions of yuan every year. "Wilson has been creating the 'Sany red' in the whole factory. Our trust in Sany has gone beyond the quality level." Liwenlong said that the Sany mixing plant owned by Wilson has never experienced major failures, and its performance is still as stable and efficient as the new mixing plant after years of use

the mixing plants under Yinchuan Weixin company are all Sany brand

"Sany pump truck can achieve 360 ° rotation, stable boom, no picking, and fast discharging speed!" Liwenlong said that Wilson owns Sany pump trucks of various models, among which one Sany pump truck has been used for more than 20 years and still can be used normally. Its performance is very strong

Sany pump truck does not select materials, and the construction efficiency is high.

liwenlong said that many star projects in Yinchuan are made by SANY equipment. Weixin's early cooperation with Sany resulted in trust because of quality, but after more than ten years of close cooperation, the company chose Sany not simply because of quality, but more because of Sany's thoughtful and responsible service and various values created for customers

Sany service that moves with the equipment

"no matter where I go, there will be Sany reception. No matter where my equipment is, Sany service will go." Liwenlong said that Sany's service is good in normalization, on call, and belongs to the industry benchmark. At present, no enterprise has done a better service than Sany

referring to Sany service, liwenlong could not forget the awesome performance of Sany during the anti epidemic period in Ningxia in 2020. At that time, Yinchuan weierxin company received the task of building the Fourth People's Hospital in Ningxia, which was the only designated treatment hospital for the diagnosed patients with COVID-19 in Ningxia Autonomous Region

Sany pump truck construction Ningxia Fourth People's Hospital

"Sany gave us great support. It not only specially arranged special after-sales service engineers to help, but also sent epidemic prevention materials such as masks and disinfectants, which were in great shortage at that time!" Liwenlong said that Sany's service is not good, but beyond imagination. Sany has practiced what is called "good service with a paranoid attitude" with practical actions. Weixin is also learning from Sany and trying to provide better services for partners

liwenlong has a little regret. He has cooperated with Sany for so many years and has never visited Sany Changsha factory. "I always believe that a paranoid attitude (3) running away from a company that makes products and services, the quality must be excellent, and I have unconditional trust and support for Sany." Liwenlong believes that the concrete industry is actually a service. Yinchuan weierxin Commercial Concrete Engineering Co., Ltd. will, as always, join hands with Sany to become a promoter and leader of the progress of the concrete industry

(1) plasticization of engine and peripheral products

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