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"Huishi Jinling, lighting up smart Jiangsu": the 2021 Nanjing intelligent security summit was successfully held. On April 29, the 2021 Nanjing intelligent security summit was successfully held in Nanjing Jinling Hotel. The summit invited Nanjing Municipal Bureau of industry and information technology and Nanjing Yuhuatai District People's government as the guiding units. It was hosted by Nanjing security technology prevention industry association and co organized by Huawei Technology Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu kunzhitai Information Technology Co., Ltd. City managers, industry experts, enterprise leaders and Huawei's machine vision ecological partners from various fields gathered to jointly explore the future of smart Jiangsu and boost the high-quality development of digital economy around the development of intelligent security and digital industry

In his speech, shenjianrong, vice mayor of Nanjing Municipal People's government, mentioned that in recent years, Nanjing has insisted on putting innovation in an important position, deeply implemented the 121 strategy of innovation driven development, and focused on building an innovation city with global influence. Intelligent security is an indispensable part of the development of digital economy. With the evolution of connectivity, artificial intelligence, big data and other technologies, it will also usher in the double opportunities of rapid development and reshaping the industry pattern. In order to promote the development of Nanjing's intelligent security industry, first, it is necessary to focus on the pain points of the industry, second, it is necessary to give full play to the advantages of the platform, and third, it is necessary to actively integrate into the scene construction. It is hoped that Huawei can give full play to the functions of the upcoming machine vision regional capability center, stimulate the momentum of enterprise scientific and technological innovation, and cultivate more technologically advanced and competitive scientific and technological innovation enterprises, To promote the linkage development of the upstream and downstream industrial chains of Nanjing security industry

shenjianrong, vice mayor of Nanjing Municipal People's government, Ma Yue, executive vice president of Huawei BG, mentioned in his speech that machine vision is the most important and widely used branch of artificial intelligence technology, the core of all things' perception, the entry point from the physical world to the digital world, and will become a powerful engine for smart city, smart governance, smart production and smart life. Nanjing has a strong advantage in information technology talents. Huawei has established the world's first Huawei machine vision capability center in Nanjing, hoping to effectively promote the expansion and strengthening of Nanjing's intelligent security and artificial intelligence industries, help Nanjing's science and technology industry to a new level, and become an innovative city for China's digital economic development

Ma Yue, executive vice president of BG, Huawei enterprise, jointly built security and defense, lightened the wisdom of Jiangsu

Duan Aiguo, President of Huawei machine vision, said in his speech that machine vision has gradually penetrated into production and life, from intelligent security to intelligent operation, industrial demand has changed, industrial core technology has shifted from video to intelligence, and the development trend has changed from looking at people to looking at machines The three root technologies of AI turbo build the ultimate experience of machine vision

at the same time, Huawei adheres to the rigid concept of open symbiosis and intelligent win-win production, and released ecological strategy 2.0 at the summit meeting, upgrading the star shaped ecological chain centered on Huawei's machine vision to a multi center extended ecological structure. Huawei will play a good role as a base and become a platform for partners to form efficient and benign interaction and enable between partners. For this purpose, Huawei will build several regional capability centers, just like a stage, to help partners improve and give partner platforms, so as to form a robust industrial ecological model and accelerate industrial development

in Nanjing, ecological partners from all walks of life will increase the connection through the Nanjing capability center, carry out local joint innovation and verification of solutions in smart parks, smart communities, smart businesses, smart breeding, etc., and through the establishment of local machine vision industry alliance, experience center and talent training base, in the future 5g era, the future is a typical decade of intelligent security industry development of energy-saving materials Under the circumstances of new historical opportunities, the cooperation is closer

Duan Aiguo, President of Huawei machine vision co built a machine vision capability center to create a new industrial highland. Weifeng, general manager of Jiangsu kunzhitai Information Technology Co., Ltd., said in his speech that in the construction of Huawei's machine vision Nanjing capability center, Huawei, as the construction unit, and Jiangsu kunzhitai, as the entrusted operation unit, will cooperate with the surrounding mainstream security software and hardware manufacturers to jointly build the Nanjing capability center and provide end users with four capability centers to serve the security partner capability support center, security end-to-end solution center The demand customization development center and after-sales service delivery center serve the security industry in Jiangsu and promote the intelligent development of security

Wei Feng, general manager of Jiangsu kunzhitai Information Technology Co., Ltd., held the launching ceremony of Huawei machine vision Nanjing capability center. At the same time, Huawei machine vision Nanjing capability center ecological alliance was officially released at the meeting. The development of intelligent security and digital economy relies on scientific and technological innovation and the development goal of better meeting the needs of civil aircraft for safety, economy, comfort and environmental protection. In the future, Huawei will work with Nanjing security association and ecological partners to promote the intelligent process of Nanjing security industry and enable the development of Nanjing digital industry through technological innovation and capacity building

launching ceremony of Huawei machine vision Nanjing capability center

launching ceremony of Huawei machine vision Nanjing capability center ecological alliance

ecological cohesion, win-win digital future

subsequently, tangbenying, general manager of Huawei machine vision distribution business, brought a good look at new products. He proposed that with the support of the three root technologies, Huawei machine vision continues to build leading products and has improved the end-to-end cloud collaboration solution. The new magic cube series camera has three characteristics: double mirror full analysis, wonderful night shooting and seeing the big from the small to meet the intelligent needs of users; Ivs1800 series detonates the whole scene at the edge through intelligent collaboration and minimalism at the edge; As an intelligent native video cloud service of Huawei cloud industry, hope cloud service focuses on the whole life cycle of intelligent algorithms, provides hope development platform, and enables thousands of industries. He introduced Huawei machine vision. In the future, Huawei will rely on Nanjing capability center and work with partners to build rich scenario based solutions to meet the needs of more segmented scenario applications

tangbenying, general manager of Huawei's machine vision distribution business

smart vision is not only the eye of the city, but also the brain of the city. Duanweizhi, vice president of Xiaoshi technology, brought us the wisdom vision center and application case sharing in the subsequent speech. In the intelligent era, Xiaoshi technology proposed that they study the strength of nanocomposites pulled in the opposite direction by using the adjacent layers of these models to develop a full scene smart city and smart community management platform architecture, and build a full stack of scene visual hub platform through comprehensive collaboration at the cloud edge. As a smart vision full scene ecological service provider, Xiaoshi technology relies on Huawei machine vision to build an application layer, a data layer, support the capabilities of the middle platform layer, the network layer and the equipment layer, and innovate and develop algorithms such as walking a dog without pulling a rope and throwing objects at high altitude, so as to effectively serve urban governance and community management

duanweizhi, vice president of Xiaoshi technology

Huishi Jinling lights up smart Jiangsu. In the future, Huawei will continue to join hands with its ecological partners to go deep into the development of Nanjing's digital industry. With ecological co construction and technology empowerment, Huawei will help upgrade the intelligence of the security industry and develop the digital economy

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