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A brief review and Prospect of the development of rotary drilling rigs in China

pile machinery is a traditional name for foundation construction machinery in China, which generally refers to the special technical equipment and tools used for pile foundation engineering construction. In the construction of various pile foundations, the machinery used for drilling, piling and pile sinking is collectively referred to as pile machinery. Piling machinery is generally composed of pile hammer and pile frame. In addition to the special pile rack for relevant contents you do not know, you can also set the pile rack on the excavator or crane to complete the pile driving task. The main characteristics of piling machinery are strong specificity and small production batch. Rotary drilling rig is the main machine in the pile machinery industry, and it is also the representative machine of pile machinery. Therefore, looking back at the start of rotary drilling rig and the development during the three "five-year plans" is of great significance for the industry and enterprises to understand its development with piling machinery

the start of rotary drilling rigs in China

as for pile machinery, the more developed countries in the world are mainly Germany, Italy and Japan, and the most advanced equipment and construction methods are generally developed and applied by these three countries first, followed by the United States, Britain, France and other countries, according to the research of prospective industry research institute

China's rotary drilling rig started in the 1980s. In 1988, Beijing urban construction engineering machinery factory developed the crawler crane attached rotary drilling rig. In the mid-1990s, Zhengzhou survey Machinery Co., Ltd. introduced the production technology of the attached rotary drilling rig from BSP company in the UK. However, due to the backward technology, it is difficult to coordinate the supporting cranes, and mass production has not been formed. In 1998, XCMG successfully developed the first real rotary drilling rig in China. However, due to the restrictions on the use of domestic engine, hydraulic parts, drill pipe, power head and other supporting parts at that time, the company did not produce in batch with phenolic fire insulation materials as its main products. Before 2003, China's rotary drilling rigs were mainly imported and expensive, and only a few powerful foundation construction enterprises purchased them. On the one hand, the construction of Qinghai Tibet Railway shows the advantages of rotary drilling rigs, on the other hand, it also reminds domestic manufacturers that there is also a lot of room for the development of foundation construction machinery. Since then, some enterprises have developed rotary drilling rigs, such as Beijing Sany Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., CRRC Beijing Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., Hunan Shanhe intelligent, Futian heavy industry, etc. the successful development of domestic rotary drilling rigs has greatly reduced the price of rotary drilling rigs, thus breaking the situation that imported rotary drilling rigs dominate the world, making more users affordable to buy rotary drilling rigs, and achieving better economic benefits through the purchase of rotary drilling rigs, This supply-demand relationship has greatly promoted the application of rotary excavation method in China. From the first year of the "Tenth Five Year Plan" in 2001 to the end of the "Twelfth Five Year Plan" in 2015, rotary drilling rigs have grown from scratch in China, from small to large, and have just gone through three development stages of the "Five Year Plan"

the development process of the three "five year plans" and the "Tenth Five Year Plan" period are the initial stage of the development of rotary drilling rigs. The Qinghai Tibet railway project activated the market demand for rotary drilling rigs, which was further expanded in the subsequent large-scale railway construction projects. From the supply side, the number of manufacturing enterprises in this period was relatively limited, and the capacity scale was also weak. The cumulative number of units sold was 317, and the sales scale of the piling machinery industry was about 1.5 billion yuan. During this period, imported brands dominated the domestic market. Until 2005, the sales volume of domestic rotary drilling rigs was basically the same as that of imported brands. The annual sales volume of rotary drilling rigs has increased from single digits to hundreds. It has experienced a market growth period of nearly five years, which also confirms the growth period required by a new product from its development and launch to the formation of a certain market scale. Looking back now, it will serve as a warning for us to be too impatient or even eager for quick success and instant benefit in the development and market cultivation of other new products

during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period, the piling machinery industry entered a period of rapid development by leaps and bounds. The cumulative sales volume of rotary drilling rigs jumped to 5105, 16 times that of the Tenth Five Year Plan; The sales scale of the piling machinery industry rose to 25.4 billion yuan, 17 times that of the tenth five year plan. From the demand side, a large number of railway projects have greatly promoted the growth of market demand. The application field of rotary drilling rig has also expanded to the industrial and civil construction market, which coincides with the peak period of real estate development. At the same time, the application area of rotary drilling rig has also expanded to South China, southwest and other places, and has rapidly become a hot market with high growth. The overseas market has also been included in the market category of major enterprises. From the supply side, around 2005, most of the large enterprises in the construction machinery industry have entered the piling machinery sub industry. The production capacity supply of main machines and supporting parts has been greatly expanded. The strong marketing force of large enterprises has attracted a large number of end customers. During this period, both the demand side and the supply side grew explosively and promoted each other

in the 12th Five Year Plan period, the industry began to lose its growth momentum, and the sales of new machines continued to decline, leading to difficulties for the industry. On the one hand, the demand side is shrinking, on the other hand, the historical problems formed during the period of rapid expansion have troubled the enterprises in the industry to varying degrees, the most prominent of which are the serious overcapacity and the operational risks brought about by high accounts receivable. This is accompanied by in-depth adjustment and the gradual withdrawal or exit of some enterprises. In addition to the rebound in 2013, there has been a continuous negative growth in recent years. Nevertheless, during the "12th Five Year Plan" period, the total number of rotary drilling rigs sold still reached 8733, which was 1.7 times that of the "11th Five Year Plan", and the total industry sales reached 47.2 billion yuan, which was about 1.9 times that of the "11th Five Year Plan", indicating that other relevant accessories except LED light sources must be constantly innovated; The market share of rotary drilling rigs reached 14484 in 2015, more than 2.6 times that of 5422 in the 11th five year plan. From the comparison of data over a five-year time span, the conclusion is still relatively optimistic

from the demand side, during this period, the actual engineering increment in various fields slowed down in fluctuations, the construction unit price decreased significantly, the profitability of end customers and the return of funds tended to deteriorate, and the cooling of some hot markets was particularly obvious. From the supply side, around 2010, a number of enterprises outside the construction machinery industry entered the industry, with significant capacity expansion; In the competition for market share ranking, the marketing means and "innovation" around price, especially the transaction conditions emerge in endlessly, resulting in the increasing leverage and the continuous accumulation of operational risks. The declining demand side makes the high accounts receivable and the resulting cash flow shortage more prominent

prospects for the future development of rotary drilling rigs

after years of development, especially in recent years, the main performance of the rotary drilling rigs produced in China has approached or reached the international advanced level. It is believed that they will lead the world in the near future. Today, we should be sober to see that although the rotary drilling rig industry has experienced the pains brought about by disorderly competition, the industry has been baptized by blood and fire through the survival of the fittest, so that the market can be purified and refined, and gradually move from free competition to the era of monopoly competition. The production of rotary drilling rigs is not what it used to be. Now it has become the world of giants, kings and brands, and continues to move in this direction. Under this premise, we have reason to look forward to a steady and positive development trend of China's rotary drilling rig industry. This is because:

first of all, the general environment of the national supply side reform and the strengthening of the construction of railways, highways, communications, electric power, urban public facilities, environmental protection, ecology, water conservancy and other infrastructure during the 13th Five Year Plan period will certainly provide a broad domestic market for the development of rotary drilling rigs. Secondly, the implementation of China's "the Belt and Road" development strategy provides a new opportunity for rotary drilling rigs to open up the international market. At present, more than 100 countries and international organizations have responded positively to the support, more than 40 countries and international organizations have signed cooperation agreements with China, and the "circle of friends" of the "the Belt and Road" is expanding. Chinese enterprises have invested more than US $50 billion in countries along the belt and road. A series of major projects have blossomed, driving the economic development of various countries and creating a large number of employment opportunities. At the same time, it has also opened up an international channel for the "going out" of rotary drilling rigs. Thirdly, the "manufacturing power" will encourage the rotary drilling rig to be made in China. The 2017 central economic work conference clearly stated that it would continue to further promote the "three deregulations, one reduction and one subsidy". At the same time, it would focus on revitalizing the real economy and expanding the supply of high-quality products and services. As a major task, "revitalizing the real economy" is listed separately for the first time, and its importance is self-evident. At the same time, Miao Wei, Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, recently said that with the launch of "made in China 2025", the construction of a manufacturing power has entered the comprehensive implementation stage from the planning stage. Revitalizing the real economy and building a manufacturing power has become an important support and engine to enhance the core competitiveness of industry. In addition, the national implementation of policy finance and the implementation of PPP working mechanism have also brought new benefits to the development of rotary drilling rigs

from the above, we can draw a conclusion that, as the main type of piling machinery, the development of the rotary drilling rig industry will move from competition to cooperation and towards an inclusive development path of "co construction, sharing and win-win". We believe that our rotary drilling rig manufacturing will stand at the top of the world's piling machinery and the industry will have a better tomorrow

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