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Build a base for the revitalization of the Western machinery industry and improve the Chengdu Deyang Mianyang industrial chain. Build a base for the revitalization of the Western machinery industry and improve the Chengdu Deyang Mianyang industrial chain. At present, China is in the process of in-depth development of industrialization, informatization, new urbanization and agricultural modernization. At the same time, China faces the wave of undertaking the transfer of the world's machinery industry. Revitalizing machinery industry and developing high-end industry is a good way for industrialization. As one of the three major machinery industry clusters in Western China, Chengdu, Deyang and Mianyang have played an important role in China's leading the third industrial revolution in Asia. As the "Beixin International Machinery City" located in the core area of Chengdu, Deyang and Mianyang, it has become an important link in improving the machinery industry chain of Chengdu, Deyang and Mianyang

International Machinery City came into being at the right time

according to Tianshi: a series of national industrial policies have injected strong impetus into the machinery industry

since the 16th National Congress, the central government has issued a series of policies to develop the machinery industry. The 12th Five Year Plan for the development of national strategic emerging industries and the plan for the adjustment and revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry issued by the State Council, the decision on accelerating the cultivation and development of strategic emerging industries, the overall plan for the development of the machinery industry during the 12th Five Year Plan and the medium and long term plan for the development of the logistics industry, which have achieved the highest labor efficiency and the most reliable product quality among their domestic counterparts, All these have injected strong impetus into the development of China's machinery industry

favorable land: it is located in the core area of "Chengdu Deyang Mianyang region, the world's most influential machinery industry cluster"

as the largest machinery industry cluster in Western China, Chengdu Deyang Mianyang region, relying on its strong policy, location, transportation, resources and other advantages, is undoubtedly the best region to undertake the migration of some industries from the east to the West and the centralized management of machinery industry in the West

"Beixin International Machinery City" is located in Guanghan City, the core area of Chengdu Deyang Mianyang, which is known as "the world's most influential machinery industry cluster" and "the source area of the national western machinery industry". It is within the half-hour economic circle of Chengdu. It is 75KM away from Chengdu Shuangliu Airport and only 10 minutes away from the largest railway container center in Asia. At the same time, with the implementation of Chengdu's "northern reform" and "middle note" policies, a large number of old professional markets have gone to Guanghan, Xindu, Qingbaijiang and other places. Beixin International Machinery City has become the best choice for customers to move out of the old market by virtue of its scale, supporting facilities, operation and other advantages

enjoy Harmony: fill and improve the gap in Chengdu Deyang Mianyang machinery industry chain, and vigorously carry the banner of revitalization of Chengdu Deyang Mianyang machinery industry

Chengdu, Deyang and Mianyang have changed from the heavy industry "related to the national economic lifeline" to the electronic information industry connected with the world; From traditional advantageous industries to emerging strategic industries; From technology intensive and labor-intensive manufacturing industries to high-tech industries, it has become a national heavy equipment base, known as "Ruhr district of China". Chengdu Deyang Mianyang has become an important major technical equipment manufacturing base in China and one of the three major power equipment manufacturing bases in China

Chengdu Deyang Mianyang region is one of the regions with the strongest industrial strength, the highest industrial level and the largest industrial agglomeration scale in Sichuan and even the whole western region. It is also the region with the most economic vitality and the most development and competitive potential. Standing in Guanghan, the core area of Chengdu Deyang Mianyang, the "Beixin International Machinery City" is rooted in the fertile soil of Chengdu Deyang Mianyang machinery manufacturing industry, filling and improving the gap of Chengdu Deyang Mianyang machinery industry chain, and carrying the banner of revitalization of Chengdu Deyang Mianyang machinery industry

the source market of Western machinery industry

Beixin International Machinery City covers an area of 460 mu, with a total construction area of 550000 square meters. It is a key project and a key industrial project in Sichuan Province. Beixin International Machinery City, based in Chengdu, Deyang and Mianyang, covers the west, faces China and radiates the world, with the goal of creating a "big market at the source of machinery industry in Western China". With the leading functions of mechanical and electrical boutique exhibition, exhibition and exposition, warehousing and logistics, and e-commerce, it has become a mechanical industry complex integrating Mechanical Product Expo, mechanical and electrical supply, tourism experience and other service functions

Beixin International Machinery City actively carries out international machinery product exhibition activities. With the supply and procurement of machinery products as the fulcrum, it builds an exhibition and trade, warehousing and logistics, and e-commerce platform that is in line with the national and even global standards. In combination with the strategies of "long-term goals", "innovative ideas", "complete system", "perfect chain", "excellent team" and "unique mode", it has become a large platform for the circulation of doors and windows in the machinery industry, Create a big market with the source of machinery supply and procurement in Western China, and seize the commanding heights of supply and procurement in the global machinery industry

Beixin International Machinery City will build a bridge to connect with the world's advanced level through world-class machinery exhibitions, product transactions, summits and forums; Take e-commerce and logistics service of joint distribution as the platform to create an efficient logistics and information flow of scientific research, production and market; With the invention of high-tech mechanical products and incubation of scientific and technological achievements as the core, we will accelerate the pace of "Chinese creation"; By means of auction of scientific and technological achievements of high-tech mechanical products, process design competition and talent training, China will be driven from "made in China" to "created in China", so as to serve the country through industry

"buy the world and sell the global research achievement" nickel/graphene coated polyurethane sponge 3-element hybrid material prepared by electrodeposition method based on microcrack mechanism for high sensitivity wearable flexible strain sensor "published in the Journal of Materials Chemistry C (doi: 10.1039/c7tc03636a)" the implementer

Beixin International Machinery City surrounds both ends of the "smile curve", Develop high-end machinery industry and high-end machinery industry, build an integrated platform of industrial value chain, take capital as the guide, industry as the core, industry as the content, and real estate as the carrier, and build a "capital industry real estate" Trinity development model

Beixin International Machinery City has realized the "buy the world, sell the world" of machinery products and achieved the interconnection of information flow, logistics and capital flow with eight operational guarantees, including all-round three-dimensional publicity, convenient transportation and global access, and financial support

the top-level design of Beixin International Machinery City is based on "11+14", in which "11" refers to "11 major functional areas" and "14" refers to "14 major platforms". At the same time, Beixin International Machinery City has built "the first high-quality hardware electromechanical Museum group in the west"

the machinery city will establish the first "cloud manufacturing base of mechanical products" in China, build a modern "intelligent machinery industry" information management platform, create a world-class example of the IOT of the machinery industry, build a smart "landscape" of the IOT of China's machinery industry, and integrate it into the era of "big data"

as the "source market of machinery industry in Western China" and the "first hardware and electromechanical boutique Museum group in Western China", Beixin International Machinery City, with its perfect supporting facilities and powerful functional facilities, not only provides more than 6000 machinery manufacturers in Chengdu, Deyang and Mianyang and well-known machinery manufacturers at home and abroad with a global e-commerce, exhibition and Expo, product R & D platform directly facing purchasers, but also provides a platform for Dongdian, Dongqi Honghua petroleum and other well-known domestic machinery purchasers have provided procurement platforms, warehousing and logistics centers, and truly realized the interconnection of logistics, information flow and capital flow

Beixin International Machinery City has higher requirements for promoting the improvement, innovation and R & D of basic equipment, manufacturing process and core technology of Chengdu Deyang Mianyang machinery industry, the improvement of supporting facilities such as warehousing and logistics, transportation, finance and hotels, the introduction of talents and management concepts, and the integration and improvement of mechanical product procurement and supply chain

Beixin's automobile manufacturing and other industries are important driving factors for plastic innovation. The International Machinery City holds high the banner of the real estate of the machinery industry. It plans to build more than 300 "Beixin International Machinery cities" in the country. Through the unified logistics information, business information and e-commerce information platform, it will realize the nationwide merger and association, provide integrated solutions for the whole industrial chain, and accelerate the incubation of small and micro enterprises, It is conducive to the extension of the business layout of large and medium-sized enterprises. In the future, Beixin industrial chain service system will be expanded to the world to achieve coordinated development

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