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Maozuma "Yinxi technology has entered the new energy industry chain and worked hard to build" five vertical and seven horizontal "Liugong compressor products to be" pioneers "

maozuma has built" five long vertical and seven horizontal "Liugong compressor products to be" pioneers "

China Construction Machinery Information

recently, Liugong cs93a-md mobile diesel engine driven compressor manufactured by Liugong (Liuzhou) Compressor Co., Ltd, He became a "pioneer" in the construction of slope greening project in Xixia section of Henan Sanxi expressway

Sanxi (Sanmenxia Xichuan) expressway is a key construction project in Henan Province, which runs through the southwest mountain area of Henan Province. After completion, it can form a traffic skeleton system in the central region together with the connected Lianyungang Huozhou expressway, Shanghai Shaanxi Expressway and Fuzhou Yinchuan expressway, which is of great significance to the traffic system of Henan Province. At present, the slope greening project is under construction in Xixia section. Slope reinforcement and greening are the key links in expressway construction. How to effectively restore the ecology of the road slope after the completion of the main road is related to the normal operation and service life of the expressway. It not only tests the wisdom of the builders, but also the field operation ability of the construction machinery

according to the on-site construction personnel, the maintenance and construction of expressway slope requires the use of air compressor and shotcreting machine to spray the mud mixed with clay, fertilizer and grass seeds onto the slope surface. Compressed air is an important power source. Therefore, air compressor is a necessary equipment for expressway slope maintenance and construction. The construction of the slope greening project in Xixia section of San xi'an-xi'an expressway needs about tens of meters of pipes from the shotcreting machine to the slope surface. If the compression machine used in the project construction has provided the customer with dental materials for compression test, it must have a large exhaust pressure to successfully and efficiently complete the construction task. Previously, they used a brand of 120kw compressor, because the exhaust volume and pressure could not meet the requirements, the pipeline was often blocked, which seriously affected the construction progress. In order to ensure the completion of the project on schedule, Liugong cs93a-md mobile diesel engine driven compressor was finally reintroduced

Liugong cs93a-md is one of the new products released by Liugong (Liuzhou) Compressor Co., Ltd. at the end of 2015, with beautiful appearance and high-end configuration. More importantly, it is equipped with Cummins 93kw four cylinder diesel engine widely used in engineering machinery and equipment, high-end twin-screw head, air filter and oil filter system, which are imported international brands with original packaging. Facts have proved that the high-end configuration and humanized design advantages of Liugong cs93a-md mobile diesel engine driven compressor have played an indispensable role in the slope greening project of Xixia section of San xi'an-xi'an expressway. The power is low and the pressure is high. If there is a loose channel in the blocked pipe, the efficiency is increased by 30%, the fuel consumption is reduced by 20%, the overall construction cost is reduced by nearly half, and the project can be smoothly promoted

it is reported that Liugong (Liuzhou) Compressor Co., Ltd., formerly known as Liuzhou compressor General Factory, has a history of more than 50 years. It once had the best brand in the industry and was the pride of Liuzhou people. After joining Liugong group, on the basis of the original products, they paid more attention to scientific and technological innovation, continuously improved their R & D strength, rapidly expanded their product lines and enriched their product series. Liugong general power and engineering power compressors, gas power compressors, bottle making power compressors and other products are not only widely used in metallurgy, mining, machinery manufacturing, light industry, chemical industry, construction, building materials, glass, medicine, food, water and electricity Gas (coalbed methane) transmission, national defense engineering and other fields have performed excellently in the process of use, and have been fully affirmed and praised by customers. In recent years, they have been more and more applied to highway construction, especially the slope greening of expressway, which has contributed an important force to the construction of "five vertical and seven horizontal" highways in China

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