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Application of easy control in aquaculture industry

system introduction

traditional aquaculture mostly aims at pursuing output and recent economic benefits, resulting in excessive aquaculture density, aggravation of diseases, and destruction of water areas caused by drug abuse. How to ensure the quality and safety of aquatic products and protect the water environment has become an increasingly important issue for the sustainable development of aquaculture industry

the key parameters that affect the aquaculture environment are water temperature, light, dissolved oxygen, ammonia nitrogen, sulfide, nitrite, pH, etc. precise control of these key factors has become the focus of scientific aquaculture. Recently, the easy control configuration software has been successfully applied in the Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences to monitor the equipment operation status of several aquaculture groups in real time, and improve the output and quality of aquaculture through long-term continuous monitoring, regulation and control of water quality

software application

1. Temperature monitoring: set the control range according to the temperature range of the breeding object. The computer reads the water temperature in the pond into the easy to control configuration software in real time through the temperature sensor. When it exceeds the temperature setting range, it alarms through the alarm system. In addition, according to the historical records of temperature changes, easy to control configuration software can also be used to analyze the growth rate of aquatic products and the pathogenesis of the disease

2. Monitoring of other parameters: including dissolved oxygen, light, pH value and salinity. The easy control configuration software analyzes the disease regularity of aquatic products through the change range of dissolved oxygen, and timely releases the disease forecast to prevent the occurrence of the disease. Analyze the deterioration degree of water quality according to the change of dissolved oxygen, and take timely measures to clean and maintain large equipment for 2 (4) times per semester, such as sewage discharge, water change, adding aerator, digestive bacteria, etc; Fill the light by detecting the law of light and dissolved oxygen; adopt "Some customers forget to use the analysis of pH value to judge the deterioration of water quality after purchase. Through the salinity test, the water exchange system is automatically controlled.

3. Automatic alarm

when the temperature exceeds the set range, the alarm can be sent to the administrator through the alarm system. The alarm can be sent to the administrator in the form of SMS, email and MSN, so that the administrator can take measures in time. At the same time, an alarm is also set up for pH value detection, and the administrator can Timely understand the deterioration of water quality

4. Data management, analysis and statistics, and generate various monitoring reports

record the monitored temperature, dissolved oxygen, light, pH value and salinity values, and display them in the form of reports, which also provide statistical functions

system features

1. The software user interface is friendly and beautiful

2. Good operability and convenient use: flexible data transmission and alarm selection, which can be transmitted in a variety of ways

3. Good monitoring effect and rich functions: real-time monitoring of a variety of water quality parameters; The alarm function is convenient for the administrator to know the water quality in time and take measures. At this time, what should we do; The report function is convenient for long-term monitoring data analysis and decision-making. (end)

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