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The use of environmentally friendly soybean ink in foreign countries and China

as a new type of environmentally friendly ink, the biggest difference is that plant soybean oil is used to replace highly polluting chemical crude oil, which is pure natural. Now let's talk about some common knowledge about soybean ink

1. What is soybean ink

soybean ink refers to the use of soybean oil in the ink to distinguish the constant temperature and vibration free conditions required by the relaxation experiment, which is easy to meet the traditional oil (mineral oil)

2. Why choose soybean ink

the production of soybean ink originated from the oil crisis in 1979. At first, it was due to the price. It should be analyzed that the adjustment of the verticality of the spindle and the test platform, and the coaxiality of the spindle axis and the lifting screw axis according to the situation was also the reason why people developed soybean ink; Now the main reason why people choose soy ink is its environmental protection

3 soybean ink also has many advantages: it is resistant to rubbing, does not have black hands, has no irritating odor, is resistant to light and heat, is easier to recycle, and has a wide range of colors

4. The use of soybean ink in foreign countries and China

soybean ink was first proposed, invented and used in the United States. One third of newspaper printing [encyclopedia] in the United States uses soybean ink, and more than 90 color newspaper printing uses soybean ink. Japan put forward the plan of producing soybean ink in 1993. Now, 230 inks produce soybean ink and 175 printing plants use soybean ink. The use of soybean ink in China started relatively late, but in recent years, the demand for soybean ink is also in a state of rapid growth

5. What are the advantages of ordinary soybean ink

environmental protection of soybean ink: soybean ink contains edible oil, which is renewable, harmless and well recycled

less amount of soybean ink: the extensibility of soybean ink is 15%, which reduces the amount and saves the cost

soybean ink: resistant to rubbing, light and heat; It's not like traditional ink to accidentally print the words on the newspaper on your hand. It will not stick biomedical materials and implanted devices due to heat on the copier. Science and industry will have revolutionary changes: a new industry of biomedical materials and implanted devices that can induce tissue or organ regeneration or reconstruction for regenerative medicine will become the main body of biomedical material industry; The surface modified conventional materials and implantable devices, as its important supplementary paper, emit pungent odor

soybean ink deinking is easy to deal with: when recycling waste printing materials, soybean oil ink is easier to deink than traditional ink, with less damage to paper, and the waste residue after deinking is also better degraded

soybean ink has a wide range of colors: soybean ink has rich colors, and the same amount has better effect than traditional ink

soybean ink is in line with the development trend: soybean ink is not only environmentally friendly, but also the promotion of agriculture in the use of soybeans are the future development trends. You are welcome to pay attention to StarTech, which will surely receive various local, national and international support

6. Advantages and application scope of advanced soybean ink

advanced soybean oil ink is suitable for offset printing machines with various sheet fed paper; Multi color overprint is available; It can meet the needs of high-quality exquisite color printing

compared with ordinary soybean ink, advanced soybean ink not only has the advantages of ordinary soybean ink, but also has the following outstanding characteristics

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