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Application of Kaimu CAPP in Wuchang shipbuilding machinery manufacturing branch (hereinafter referred to as "Wuchang shipbuilding mechanism") is the core subordinate enterprise of Wuchang shipbuilding plant, the largest modern comprehensive shipbuilding enterprise in mainland China, mainly engaged in the process design and manufacturing of Wuchang shipbuilding supporting parts. Wuchang Shipyard is a key enterprise in the shipbuilding industry, and its products are widely used, especially in many national key projects, such as Xichang Satellite Launch Tower, standard mechanical equipment and filling system of Jiuquan space launch center technology plant, Gezhouba ship lock, permanent ship lock gate of Three Gorges Dam, Wuhan Baishazhou bridge large bridge steel structure, etc

I. demand analysis of Wuchuan mechanism process information system

1 Analysis of product and process characteristics

a) the product has high quality requirements, strict construction period requirements, and high requirements for process design quality and efficiency

b) adopt the mode of production by order. According to the needs of enterprise cost management, it is necessary to carry out independent cost accounting and control by order

c) it is necessary to extract the engineering task tree from the ERP system of the general plant and establish the process design and manufacturing tasks. The designed process data also needs to be counted according to the format required by the ERP system and transmitted to the ERP system. Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. sincerely welcomes users to call for consultation and delivery

d) in the process of process design, there are many kinds of process disciplines in different orders, with high similarity of parts and components and similar processing processes

e) secondary process management mode. When receiving the process design task assigned by the General Factory, the task shall be assigned according to parts or disciplines first. The process designer who receives the task designs the process route first, and then designs the process cards one by one according to the process route. After all the routing tables are submitted and bound, the general routing table will be obtained

2. Problems in traditional process design and management

how to improve the level of process design and management and realize the integration with the ERP system of the general plant is the key to the process informatization of Wuchuan machinery. Before the application of process information system, there were the following problems in the process design and management of Wuchuan mechanism:

A) there was no effective document management and query tool, and it was impossible to accumulate and reuse process knowledge:

the parts of Wuchuan mechanism were highly similar. The same parts and components can be quoted many times in different positions of the same order or in different orders, so there are many process documents to be reused. There is no sharing mechanism for technical documents. After designing a complete set of process routes and process cards, because the number of process documents is too large (a part can derive multiple process procedure cards, or even multiple process routes), it is difficult to effectively query and use when designing the second set of products repeatedly. Therefore, it has to be redesigned, which affects the level and efficiency of process design. In addition, the decentralized storage of process data also makes the security of process data not guaranteed

b) the backward process document preparation method leads to low efficiency of process design and low degree of process standardization:

previous process design mostly relies on the experience of process designers, there is no unified process document filling standard, and the guiding role of process documents is insufficient. The process of a large number of parts is only a process route, there is no guiding text description, and the product quality cannot be guaranteed

with the retirement and loss of experienced old engineers and operators, the accumulation of process knowledge is very low, and the loss is large. The process quality level fluctuates periodically. The corresponding process standardization work is also difficult to carry out, and the promotion of new processes, new technologies and new standards is slow

c) effective cost accounting and control cannot be carried out in the process design stage:

the cost quota of parts and components changes with the change of processing quantity, material brand and specification. In the past, the process card only reflected the part code and processing information, but not the material cost and man hour cost. All the cost quota information was only reflected in the dispatch list, so that the process personnel could not grasp the cost of the process, the process target cost could not be fundamentally controlled, and could not meet the requirements of enterprise fine cost accounting.

d) the process management process was a mere formality, Inadequate management and control:

the process management of Wuchuan mechanism includes the assignment of design tasks, the preparation and review of process documents, and the change of process documents. In the past, process task assignment was mostly carried out manually by enterprise leaders or project leaders; The compilation, review and approval process of process documents also adopts the transfer of paper documents, or the simultaneous sharing of electronic documents or oral notification to transfer tasks; For changes in the design process, the drawings or process documents shall be modified manually by issuing a change notice. This manual transmission method has high link losses and is prone to omission or delay in the process of task handover. The project leader is unable to monitor the progress of compilation, review, approval and other stages in real time, which affects the progress completion of the whole project. Manual changes will also lead to out of control and non traceability of changes

e) data transmission, process calculation and summary need to be carried out manually, with heavy workload, error prone and low efficiency:

in the past, the process designers of Wuchuan mechanism carried out process design according to the paper drawings issued by the general factory. In the process of process design, a large amount of product structure information needs to be queried and filled in manually. After the process design task is completed, the calculation and summary of process information, such as the extraction of bill of materials, are also done manually. In addition, some design tasks in the processing stage need to be sent to the designated department for design and production preparation, and it is often necessary to screen out the parts and components related to the routing related to the designated department from all the parts and components routing. There are a lot of repeated statistics in these manual statistics and transmission methods, which are prone to errors and affect the timeliness of production. Once a design change occurs, it is difficult to control the impact scope and results of the change

II. Wuchang shipbuilding process informatization solution

according to the overall informatization construction goal of Wuchang shipbuilding mechanism, combined with the requirements and characteristics of process informatization, and in line with the guiding ideology of advanced, practical, integrated, open, safe and reliable, Kaimu company has put forward the Wuchang shipbuilding mechanism process information solution to comprehensively and scientifically manage and plan the process design and process management of Wuchang shipbuilding mechanism. This scheme has the following characteristics:

1. Establish a process design platform based on standard process to realize process document reuse and cost control:

for parts with the same code, if its quantity and materials are the same, the process route is also the same. Therefore, a process design system based on standard process documents is proposed. Establish standard process documents for parts with high similarity in structure and processing technology and widely used. In the process of process design, the standard process documents can be cited, in which the processing quantity, materials, regulations "made in China 2025" and other information can be added to generate process documents around economic and social development and major national security needs. The generated process documents reflect the cost information, thus realizing the cost control in the process design stage. These process documents can also be referenced in the future design process

for parts with the same code, there is a certain law between the processing quantity and the calculation of its process cost quota, so the process cost quota can be automatically obtained from the single piece quota data and processing quantity by using parameterization technology

in addition, in order to improve the efficiency of process design and the standardization and normalization of process documents, a tool based process platform is also provided, including tools for functional components such as table definition, process type management, typical process management, process resource management, formula management, and process sketch drawing

2. Based on the object-oriented management idea, manage a wide variety of process data in order:

the process information of Wuchuan mechanism has a wide variety, mainly including processing process information, cost quota information and engineering management information. Through the object-oriented idea, all process information is organically organized around the parts object. The processing process information is associated with the parts object through the code, and the standard process information database of parts is established in the system; Parts with the same code correspond to multiple engineering information, reflecting the order number, accounting number, processing number and other information of different orders corresponding to parts; The cost quota information is reflected in the process documents by specifying the processing quantity, materials and other information

on the basis of reasonable organization of process information, the borrowing and reuse of process information can be realized through rapid and effective retrieval and query means of historical process documents

3. Adopt the concept of project management to realize the automatic assignment of process tasks and the control of process process:

Wuchuan mechanism is mainly to undertake the process design and processing tasks issued by the general factory. In order to improve the efficiency and scientificity of process design task assignment, the corresponding relationship between process route code and professional process design task is established in the system. As long as the process route is determined, the process design task can be automatically generated, and then the project management module automatically assigns the process design task level by level according to the preset rules, so as to simplify the process task assignment. In addition, the project management module also provides a monitoring function to monitor and manage the design process. At the same time, it can summarize the completion of the project and realize the performance management of technicians

4. Use professional and open BOM tools that can be used in transportation such as automobile interior and exterior trim parts, ship upholstery boards, etc., to realize the automatic statistics and dissemination of process information:

the calculation and summary of process information by Wuchuan mechanism are mostly the statistics of process tasks and the calculation of cost quotas, etc. through professional BOM summary and calculation tools, It can automatically generate various process summary data such as purchase list, tooling list, material quota, process route summary after the compilation of process route and process specification, which is the largest and most influential international professional exhibition system in China and even all Asia. The report format customization function is provided, which can meet the statistical and application needs of different departments for process data. Provide data output interface, which can be transmitted to other departments in various electronic formats such as DBF, Excel, access, SQL server, Oracle, etc., so as to reduce repeated data entry and improve the utilization rate of process data

5. Two way integration with the ERP system of the general plant:

as a supporting production enterprise subordinate to Wuchang Shipyard, it is necessary to transfer process information to the ERP system of the general plant to uniformly formulate production, procurement and other plans. The system automatically generates various interface data such as purchase list, parts list, process list, list catalog, technical construction problem handling notice, and then transmits them to the ERP system of the general plant. In addition, Wuchang machinery process system can obtain the engineering task tree from the ERP system of the general plant. The engineering task tree is a dynamic, growing and changing structural tree. Wuchang machinery process system obtains the engineering task tree in an incremental way, and carries out process design and change according to the new and changed parts. For unchanged tasks, it automatically associates the original process route and process procedures. Through this two-way integration, the information sharing between the head office and branches is realized, and the information integration of design and process, products and manufacturing is realized at the same time

III. summary

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