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A brief analysis of the enterprise development of the digital printing market

in recent years, the reproduction rate of digital fast printing in China is very high. This is also the most intuitive performance of emerging technologies in China. But can this new technology really bring huge profits to investors? The result is not very satisfactory. This shows that for the digital printing industry, fetscher added that investors should look at the market rationally and choose to invest wisely

look at the digital printing market rationally

digital printing can certainly make money, otherwise how can someone buy several sets. But it depends on when and at what price. Is it difficult for you to earn money at this price? What I care about is the late entrants. There is no need for specific examples of the rush of investment in our country

1. Why are investors in trouble

in this industry, small and medium-sized investors account for the majority. Why don't large state-owned printing plants rush to enter the market? Because our culture is relatively conservative, and only private and private owners who stand at the forefront of the wave are brave enough to be pioneers. However, we have to pay attention to their interests, because their capital is really hard won and can't withstand strong winds and waves. Many people are fighting with their lives. Unfortunately, winners 1, 2, losers 7, 8. Why? Because we don't know how to operate, we heard that there is a kind of machine that can print when you click the mouse. There are reasons for its existence. Money, everyone is boiling

2. Environmental problems of enterprise development in the Digital Express Printing Market

enterprise development needs two important environments: 1. External environment, including social background, competitors, upstream suppliers, market demand, etc; 2. Internal environment, including: capital, technology, management, etc

let's analyze the enterprise development of the digital printing Market:

1 External environment, good news: the market demand is growing, and the prices of upstream suppliers are slowly declining. Bad news: the government has restrictions (small batch publications are not allowed), variable data (the database is controlled in the post, telecommunications, banking, industry and Commerce). Units with demand have purchased equipment, and units without demand can't trust you to use data. If you don't believe it, ask the bank why their direct investment is entrusted to the postal printing factory? What if he is afraid of you selling the data? You don't just use the fast printing machine as a coder, do you. In addition, there are many competitors. Large and medium-sized cities across the country are all golden class A, so you can use whatever equipment is expensive

2. Internal environment, good news: anyone who has worked as a typewriter and copy agency can start. Bad news: few companies have core competitiveness (discussed in detail below)

3. Several internal problems of fast printing enterprises:

Drucker said: enterprises without innovation are dead ends. Only innovation is the core competitiveness

core competitiveness has four aspects:

a, technological innovation: at present, everyone buys the best equipment as their own technological innovation. Poor equipment is always new year by year, and the price is falling year by year. Can you keep investing? Is this technology your own core technology competitiveness? In addition, technological innovation includes many aspects, such as marketing innovation, brand value innovation, product technology fundamentals are still not strongly supported, but the transaction is getting better, and so on. This depends on the individual skill of the business owner

b, organizational innovation: in this industry, production management is not complex, and the innovation of organizational structure cannot be directly reflected as enterprise advantages. At best, it's a little faster

the company's annual sales exceed US $600million

c, value innovation: This is the key to the problem, which is also the only key issue that can be considered in this industry at present. What customers need is small, and what new demand we can stimulate customers to generate is large. This is the most interesting question, and it is also the development direction of this market in the future

d, management innovation: this problem is not a very difficult problem in the fast printing industry with relatively simple organizational structure. The existing management model is sufficient to deal with the management problems of enterprises of this scale

in short, to say so much is to remind everyone that digital fast printing machine is by no means the money printer in the mouth of product suppliers. On the contrary, any investment is blind until the above problems are clear. Do you think so

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