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The application of industrial computer in the transformation of fancy twister controller

Abstract: This paper introduces the application of industrial computer in the transformation of fancy twister controller, and how to combine the control system of production equipment with the management information system of enterprises, so as to realize the information management of spinning workshop

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! Introduction

the Italian fancy twister is a product of% s. The process design of the machine is relatively reasonable, the drive and mechanical system are perfect, and the twisting quality is high. However, its control system is realized by single chip microcomputer, which has a long history, high failure rate, and the lack of spare parts makes it very difficult to maintain. In order to give full play to the role of the equipment, we use industrial computer instead of single chip microcomputer to transform its control system. The reformed system not only maintains the original function of the control system, but also has convenient operation and friendly interface, and has achieved better results. At the same time, the information management system of the spinning workshop is established by using the communication function of the industrial computer and the existing computer network of the enterprise, which effectively uses a large number of real-time operation data of equipment in the industrial computer and improves the information management level of the enterprise

"control system transformation

" '! Introduction to the forming process

fancy wire is usually composed of three parts, namely, core wire, decorative wire and reinforcement. We also sorted out 1 offline. The core wire is in the middle; The outside is decorative line, which is used to form a variety of patterns and colors; The outermost part is reinforced wire, which is used to prevent the decorative wire from falling off. The twisting machine applies the principle of hollow spindle twisting to combine the four processes required for traditional fancy yarn spinning, primary twisting, secondary twisting and winding into one production. The specific thread forming process is shown in the figure (as shown in the figure: the core wire and the decorative wire enter the hollow tube through the "*" roller respectively, the reinforcing wire on the hollow spindle is also pulled in, and the three wires enter the needle through the groove in the tube for twisting to generate twisting. Roller $evenly winds the twist on the ring ingot through the steel ring plate moving up and down. The quality of the line is largely determined by its control system

"'" twister control system structure

the twister controller should input various sensor detection instrument signals and manual operation instructions and handle the leakage experiment, so as to accurately control the speed of each motor and coordinate the synchronization of each mechanism. The original single-chip microcomputer control system

is difficult to maintain, the man-machine interface is inconvenient to operate, and it is troublesome to compile the winding program. The introduction of industrial computer can effectively overcome the above shortcomings. The industrial computer has good versatility, flexible configuration, convenient maintenance, strong environmental adaptability, high reliability, and perfect interface and communication functions. Therefore, we use industrial computer to replace the original single-chip microcomputer control unit, and the original peripheral interface circuits are all replaced by various modules of industrial computer. The system structure is shown in the figure. The drive part of the system adopts multi motor decentralized drive. The rotation speed of each motor is output through the industrial computer $,) interface module. The drive circuit drives the DC servo motor to control the rollers), *, -, $and upper and lower motors respectively. The lower motor controls the spindle to rotate 2 Disordered operation: the main reason is that the functions of each key are wrong. The upper motor controls the rotation speed of the hollow ingot and controls the lifting and lowering of the ring plate through the rotation speed box. The speed of each motor is fed back to the industrial control computer by the speed measuring optical code disk, and then the industrial control computer completes the speed regulation task to ensure the synchronization of spindle, roller, steel collar plate and other transmission systems. Various switching signals such as start, stop, upper and lower limits of collar plate and various protection signals pass through! "# photoelectric isolation input module collects, and all kinds of abnormal alarm signals are output by the photoelectric isolation module and give an audible and visual alarm.

! $" industrial computer software design

the design of industrial computer software directly affects the efficiency and line quality of the system, and must meet the requirements of the control system for real-time, reliability and flexibility. The system is developed in% language. The main software modules

include data acquisition and processing program, control algorithm program, real-time clock interrupt processing program, data management and communication program, etc. The main functions of the system are as follows:

() the main program interface displays the process flow with an intuitive picture, and dynamically displays the changes of various parameters. In view of the inconvenient operation of the original system's English interface, all Chinese menus and Chinese operation prompt information are adopted. The main menu includes operation menu, twist program menu, winding program menu, monitoring machine menu, automatic diagnosis menu, etc

(') the original twist and winding program can be viewed and modified in the twist program menu and winding program menu. At the same time, it provides the function of compiling new yarn types. In the input interface, input the operating parameters of the new process according to the production requirements according to the screen prompts, and save them on the hard disk for subsequent spinning. Select the required twist program in the Run menu and input the corresponding process parameters to start the working program

(() in the monitoring program, the system collects and processes the on-site status data in real time, and synchronously displays the given speed of each motor, the current speed, the current position of the ring plate, the current knot lift, the current knot lift, the current upper position and lower position of the ring plate. All data is transmitted to the data server in real time, and the machine only retains the recent data

()) the automatic diagnosis function detects and displays the working state of all ports, the given motor value, etc., which is convenient for machine maintenance

(,) protection alarm function. The program makes interrupt calls for power failure, motor abnormality, etc., so as to deal with it in time. The audible and visual alarm shall be given for the upper and lower limits of the steel collar plate and various abnormal parameters, and the

equipment shall be stopped for protection in case of emergency

combination of system and enterprise

network structure

the original twister control system is only single machine operation, and a large amount of equipment operation data is difficult to manage. Based on the successful transformation of twister controller and the requirements of enterprise management, we connect the industrial computer control system with the computer network of the enterprise and group the computers in the spinning workshop. As shown in the figure (1): there are two twisters in the spinning workshop, each controlled by an industrial control computer, and another industrial control computer is equipped to monitor other gap oil overflow equipment in the workshop. Each industrial control computer transfers all collected data, including equipment status, output, variety, process parameters, abnormal alarm information and other data of the twister, to the database server of the workshop in real time

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