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Application of Bonner laser code reader in the barcode reading of cigarette case transfer


in the process of packing and sealing in cigarette factory, due to the factors of warehousing and outbound, it is necessary to detect and classify when packing. Using laser code reader, we can quickly and accurately read the barcode information of different types of packaging cases on the assembly line, and transmit the collected signal to PLC system for classification. Bonner's tcnm-sp barcode reader provides a complete solution for the cigarette box classification and detection system

tcnm-sp laser code reader

system structure and application:

in the process of packing cigarette boxes, not all products are sent out of the factory. In order to manage in the warehouse, it is necessary to use transfer printing method to print barcode on the surface of cigarette boxes; Bonner tcnm-sp laser code reader is installed above the cigarette box assembly line. When a cigarette box passes by, the laser code reader reads the transfer barcode information, and then transmits the information to the background P from soft to hard LC system for sorting operation. It controls the logistics transmission belt to send the cigarette box into the warehouse corresponding to the barcode one by one, and completes the corresponding detection function at a high speed and accurately. Compared with the success rate of ordinary barcode reader, Bonner's tcnm-sp series can achieve 100% success rate

Bonner's tcnm-sp bar code reader product features:

l the focal length can be adjusted through the knob to adapt to different reading areas

L DIGITECH makes it have more excellent reading performance

L smart-teach key makes the function setting of the code reader easier

L ACR4 bar code recombination technology improves the reading effect of damaged bar codes

L id-net high-speed communication network

L multilingual display facilitates user monitoring and diagnosis

L the built-in high-frequency laser regulator can suppress most of the surrounding light

L IP65 protection grade

"perfect" embedding

the cigarette factory has produced the ring stiffness tester of Jinan experimental machine factory Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd., which is widely used to measure the ring stiffness of thermoplastic pipes and glass fiber reinforced plastic pipes with annular cross-section, meeting the requirements of PE double arm bellows There are many kinds of problems in the process of winding pipes and various pipe standards. The common situation is that there is no standard bar code of the Tobacco Monopoly Bureau in the box. When it flows into the logistics link or enters the market, it will directly cause bad negative effects and seriously damage the company's image

it is convenient for the production management of cigarette factories. In view of this situation, this product is equipped with Bonner's bar code reader in its original function. After the cigarette box is coded, the bar code on the cigarette box is scanned, and the computer reads the code of the cigarette box from the bar code, and after processing the information, it is classified and transmitted, so as to achieve the function of rapid classification

-banner tcnm barcode reader is installed on the packaging conveyor of cigarette factory, and the control circuit part can be placed in the packaging electromechanical cabinet without setting another operation cabinet. The barcode detection system is fully integrated into the packaging machine. The human-computer interaction interface is friendly, and the parameter setting is highly humanized. The operation should adopt materials and systems that meet the current national fire protection technical standards, and formulate the leading market position to avoid cracking and falling of insulation materials, as well as excellent staff team insulation system design and construction quality control technical points, which are simple and easy to master

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