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The application of high-efficiency tools in the processing of auto parts

the automotive industry has attracted Walter's attention, not only because it involves various processing technologies, but also because it can quickly accept new service concepts

internal combustion engines and gearboxes are key components in the automotive industry. However, internal combustion engine and gearbox components involve a large number of complex machining processes, and their complexity and precision require a wide range of machining processes. If the manufacturing industry aims to maximize productivity, each process must be given the best tool solution

for example, some important trends in the field of engine casting are affecting tool development. Engine experts are striving to improve efficiency and manufacture more efficient and miniature component units (Figure 1). Correspondingly, higher performance also affects machining; More advanced materials become more difficult to process. Taking casting materials as an example, the proportion of light aluminum and magnesium is increasing to reduce weight. Obviously, the processing of light metals requires a completely different process from that of steel or cast iron. At the same time, the processing technology has also increased suddenly. These trends are accompanied by increasing time and cost pressures. Manufacturers and suppliers pass these challenges on to machine tool and tool manufacturers. These solutions must have both optimal performance and process reliability, over average tool life, and a high degree of flexibility

benchmark of various process solutions

flexibility - this indicates the need for more use of modern machining centers (Baz). Only by using this kind of machine tools can we expand the processing range under the condition of ensuring low cost. Machining centers require that tools can be applied to different materials, different requirements and machining strategies. When cutting, the action should be gentle to minimize the cutting force, but it should not affect the processing quantity. In addition, because it takes time to replace cutting edges and tools, the interface is mild, so it is necessary to ensure a long tool life. Anyone in charge of production wants to minimize tool replacement. The new products recently announced by Walter for the automotive industry can meet the above requirements and are leading

f4045 the international influence of xtra · Tec plastic extruder industry continues to rise, which is suitable for the processing of cast iron parts. The indexable blade has 14 cutting edges, which can maximize the cost efficiency

Walter proposed a new milling concept, which greatly improves the processing speed of large-area face milling on the engine unit and gearbox. The indexable blade with 7 cutting edges is a negative blade, which can rotate 180 °, and actually has 14 effective cutting edges. This indexable blade with multiple cutting edges is equipped on f4045 xtra · Tec seven face milling cutter (Figure), which is suitable for cast iron processing and ensures maximum process production reliability. Like all milling cutters of xtra · Tec series, f4045 also adopts tiger · Tec silver high-performance tool material. All these features make f4045 a new benchmark for such end milling

the new PCD face milling cutter f4050 manufactured based on modco technology is suitable for high-speed milling

as for the processing of aluminum or magnesium alloy workpieces, Walter developed f4050 PCD high-speed milling cutter, which belongs to the brand modco (Figure 2). It takes only a few seconds to make minor adjustments to cut the surface of the cylinder head or gearbox. The tool design ensures that the noise is minimized. The aluminum matrix of the tool is suitable for high-speed machining of machining centers, and the tool holder made of high-strength steel can ensure that it is suitable for some special machining

another important link in engine manufacturing is the machining of cylinder bore. Walter modco technology brand also played an important role in developing complex motion tools (Figure 3). Complete semi finishing and finishing at one time. Its accuracy and processing reliability are extremely high. Since the tool has reduced at least one tool change, the number of secondary machining has also been reduced to a minimum

highly complex moving tools derived from modco technology are used in cylinder drilling and other similar high-precision drilling operations.

the integral cemented carbide drill bits in Walter Titex alpha 4 XD series have always been the benchmark of deep hole drilling. Now Walt has improved this technology to a depth of 70 × D's hole drill has become a leader in the world market. Compared with HSS drill, XD drill has shorter cycle. Under the current state of technology, it is impossible to have a faster speed of deep hole drilling. This technology will be used in the automotive industry, such as direct oil deep drilling, commercial vehicles and marine engines need to be drilled deeper

about 60% of the tools in the automotive industry belong to special tools, and the single component that accounts for the largest processing proportion is the crankshaft. The special design of this component requires the use of special tools: external and internal milling cutters, and turning and drawing processing for shape processing and bearing processing. The required material is high tensile steel or ductile iron. The external milling cutter for the crankshaft has at least 400 blades

thread processing also plays an important role. The most important thing is to ensure the reliability of the process, because if the tool is damaged or the thread is unqualified, the whole part cannot be used. The whorl cutters of Walter prototyp series are unmatched in terms of process reliability and service life. The protodyn s eco plus extrusion tap series has a radial internal cooling system. As the core drill has a decisive impact on the thread quality, Walter recommends using the X-treme high-end series drill of Walter Titex brand. These integral cemented carbide bits have internal cooling function, and they often play an important role in drilling the central hole of the thread. Walter also has the most complete product series in the world, which is directly related to the stretching speed of the gripper

Walter prototyp prototex HSC and Paradise HSC solid carbide extrusion taps can be said to be excellent products in thread products, especially in blind hole thread processing. These tools are suitable for processing steel materials with a tensile strength of 1200n/mm2. At present, the use of solid carbide extrusion Taps is unique in the tool market, especially blind hole threads. For a long time, hard metal materials that can meet the requirements of higher toughness have not appeared in the market. At present, this product is mainly used for processing connecting rods and crankshafts. Assuming that the processing conditions are stable, the overall cemented carbide extrusion tap exceeds the high-speed steel products

focus on full process support

in many fields, especially in the automotive industry, more and more manufacturers and suppliers are seeking complete machining concepts. As Ulrich kasperzack said when looking forward to the future, "there will be a new model in the future, that is, cost per piece (CPP). Users will no longer pay for tools, but for workpiece production." This makes the partnership between tool manufacturers and users closer. Service has become an increasingly important factor in the whole value chain

this inspired Walter group to continue to deepen its services. Andreas evertz, CEO of the group, explained, "we believe that in addition to complete machining solutions and the most in-depth expertise in the professional field, high-end services will become our third pillar in the global market."

high end services will follow a new integration method to support manufacturing companies, mainly including four service modules: manufacturing planning, production and logistics, maintenance and training/professional technology training. Customers can order packages or separate modules according to their needs. Given the wide variety of technologies and processes, most manufacturing companies do not have the ability to provide professional guidance for each independent process. However, only by using these high-precision tools in a proper way, can they play their due role produced by Beijing chemical reagent plant 2

however, this involves not only cutting data, but also the integration of cutting data with the modernization of existing production facilities or new machine tools and peripherals. (end)

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