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Application of special modified polyurethane elastomer in flotation machine

1. spare parts of flotation machine (impeller, cover plate, choke)

under the same use environment, the wear resistance of flotation machine impeller, cover plate and choke made of modified polyurethane prepolymer is at least 4-6 times longer than that made of rubber, and it can even reach more than 10 times its life if it is used to treat medium hardness ore. Due to the effect of chemicals in the pulp, rubber products are prone to aging and deformation, and the characteristics of wear resistance, corrosion resistance and aging resistance of modified polyurethane overcome this shortcoming; Because the moulds of modified polyurethane products are made by wire cutting, EDM and CNC high-precision machining processes, the products produced have a clean and beautiful appearance and high dimensional accuracy

in terms of raw materials, although the production cost of modified polyurethane prepolymer is several times that of rubber, in terms of products, the cost performance of modified polyurethane impeller is unmatched by rubber; Today, mining enterprises pay more and more attention to improving economic benefits by reducing comprehensive costs. They pay more and more attention to production efficiency and design. The main thing is to compare the quality of products and the accuracy of products. The "performance, price, service" has become the inevitable standard for selecting products, and modified polyurethane products just meet the requirements of users: high cost-effective products save users a lot of procurement costs; High performance products keep the equipment working in an efficient state and improve work efficiency; High life products extend the maintenance cycle, reduce the labor intensity of workers, reduce the parking time, improve the equipment operation rate, and help enterprises save and increase production. On the other hand, after the rubber impeller is used up, it becomes a waste product, and the modified polyurethane products can be repaired. The repaired impeller and cover plate have the same wear resistance, and the recycling avoids the waste of resources, protects the environment, and also saves the cost for the enterprise to the greatest extent

the product of a certain formula used to measure the current pulsation through brain cells is suitable for mine a, but not necessarily for mine B. why? Different enterprises have different ore properties (hardness, particle size, pulp concentration, pH value, flotation machine speed, etc.) and different operating conditions. Laboratory simulation is often different from the actual situation, even when the wall thickness is as low as 0.75mm. In order to solve this problem and truly solve the wear-resistant problem for users in different places, we usually visit the site in person to understand the ore properties in detail and record the site in detail. 2. We often use nano materials to operate the environment, and then conduct analysis and experiments to determine the appropriate formula, and then provide samples for users to try, After the trial, the samples are transported back to Knight laboratories for testing to determine whether the formula is reasonable and whether it needs to be improved. Finally, the products are provided to users, so the whole process will take some time. Combining theory with practice, knight has developed a variety of formulas for flotation machine spare parts under various operating environments and operating conditions in the process of serving users. The products produced by these formulas are providing users with high-quality services

2. Flotation machine tank body

modified polyurethane prepolymer also performs very well in anti-wear and corrosion protection of flotation machine tank body. In 1995, we launched a pure modified polyurethane prepolymer coating, 2mm thick, which has been used in gold ore concentrators with medium hardness for 10 years; In 1998, we developed epoxy emery modified polyurethane composite anti-wear coating, which has made a great leap in the anti-wear performance of modified polyurethane, and has been used in quartz placer for 7 years

the damage of mineral pulp to the flotation machine tank body is mainly wear and corrosion, and some cavitation, but it is not as serious as the impeller. The wear resistance, corrosion resistance and cavitation resistance of modified polyurethane are the best materials that can be used for tank body protection that we have tested so far. Compared with other methods:

l rubber lining, inconvenient on-site construction, difficult to construct at low temperature, easy to pack, with joints, not corrosion-resistant, etc. if the package bulges and falls off after driving, it can seriously block the pipeline and cause the whole line to stop

l cast stone (ceramic) lining can only be used for bottom protection, but not for the side. The construction of small capacity flotation machine is difficult, and it is easy to damage the impeller cover plate if it falls off in production

l the bottom of the tank is lined with manganese steel plate, which is expensive, not wear-resistant, not corrosion-resistant, and cannot be protected in other parts of the tank

l sometimes expensive stainless steel tanks are used to prevent acid corrosion (modified polyurethane still works well in the environment of ph=4)

l there are other ways, but they are not ideal

in tank protection, in addition to the selected materials, the construction process is also very important, and "bonding" is the key technology of the top priority. In order to expand the application scope of modified polyurethane, we have developed high and low temperature adhesives that can bond with the surface of a variety of materials to ensure that the construction can be carried out at any temperature. The practical application shows that these adhesives are convenient for on-site construction, firm bonding, high peel strength, and can also ensure the construction quality at low temperature

3. Cavitation

when studying the anti-wear of the impeller of the flotation machine, cavitation is often ignored. In fact, cavitation damage to the impeller is also great. If you have been to the site and carefully studied the damaged impeller, you will find that the traces of cavitation mostly exist on the upper and lower surfaces, of which the upper surface is more (related to the structure of spare parts, especially the self-priming flotation machine). The anti cavitation performance of modified polyurethane is also very excellent, which has been confirmed on the runner of hydraulic turbine, guide vane and large pump mouth ring. (end)

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