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Eight taboos on the purchase of printing equipment and consumables

printing office equipment and consumables are indispensable hardware for a company. Of course, there is a lot of knowledge to buy this thing. If you buy too good, many functions will not be used, resulting in a waste of resources; In terms of consumables, we should not blindly covet cheapness, otherwise it will affect the print quality and even damage the machine, so we must stick to one point when buying printer office equipment and consumables, that is: only buy the most suitable ones, and never buy extreme ones (the best or the cheapest). Now let's share our purchasing experience: eight taboos for purchasing office supplies and consumables

taboo 1: self righteous

before choosing printers and consumables, you must make sufficient preparations, from price to function. You can go to the site to inquire about the price, or it is more convenient to go to the professional shopping guide station to inquire. At present, China's consumables database has adopted the methods of utilization demonstration and post implementation subsidy, covering more than 95% of the printing consumables products in the market, and some commonly used products have been quoted by more than 400 businesses. Or it would be better if an acquaintance could get a channel price when buying products. Therefore, when choosing office supplies, don't be conceited. You must find the one with the best cost performance before selling

taboo 2: only buy the most expensive in the form of sliding friction

don't think about buying only the most expensive printing office equipment when purchasing printing office equipment, because there are two reasons why products are expensive: new products; Multiple functions; Such products may be expensive because they are new or full-featured. But you should know that the most expensive is not necessarily the most suitable for you. Choosing products depends on whether you can use their functions. If not, such products are not suitable for you

taboo 3: covet cheapness

there are many products with different prices in nuota's Mall, from licensed goods to parallel goods; From parallel goods to fake goods and refurbished goods, many products will make consumers at a loss. At this time, I remind you not to be greedy for the cheapest, only buy the cheapest, only pay attention to the low price and ignore the product quality itself. Think about buying low-cost products. If there is a quality problem, it is a bit wasteful to purchase such large equipment. It is a waste of time and money. Instead of saving money, it exceeds the previous value of the goods

taboo 4: accept deception

if you already have the product you want to buy before purchasing office equipment such as printers, and you have done enough preparation, then you should make a decision immediately. Don't listen to the deception of the salesperson in the store. Some salespeople may recommend some other products. At this time, if you accept it, after taking the product home, You will find that there are many conflicts with your intention to buy from the province

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