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Constant pressure water supply pump electrical control box

constant pressure water supply pump 1 professional machine should have a professionally designed automatic control and data collection system electrical control box

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constant pressure water supply such as rod or dumbbell shaped (according to the standard) water pump electrical control box [Quanzhou Ruicheng electromechanical] provides frequency converters, servo motors, water pump control cabinets, water supply control cabinets, triplet frequency converters Frequency converter maintenance and other products and services, and provide high-quality after-sales service

although the pump operates at low speed, the working current of the motor is small. However, when the user's water consumption changes frequently, the motor will be in a state of frequent speed increase and decrease, and the current of speed increase and decrease can slightly exceed the rated current of the motor, causing the motor to overheat. Therefore, the thermal protection of the motor is necessary. For this kind of temperature rise accumulated due to frequent speed increase and decrease, the electronic thermal protection function in the frequency converter is difficult to play a protective role, so the thermal relay should be used for the thermal protection of the motor

generally speaking, when a motor is controlled by a frequency converter, it is only necessary to make the motor capacity of the frequency converter consistent with the actual motor capacity. When a frequency converter controls two motors at the same time, in principle, the motor capacity of the frequency converter should be equal to the sum of the capacities of the two motors. However, if it still takes some time to launch the printing materials at peak load, and the water consumption at load is much different from the full speed water supply of the two pumps, the engineer suggests that the capacity of the frequency converter can be appropriately reduced. Only the equipment is well maintained, but enough capacity should be reserved

characteristics and analysis of variable frequency speed regulation the water consumption of users is generally dynamic, so insufficient or excessive water supply occurs from time to time. The imbalance between water use and water supply is mainly reflected in the pressure of water supply, that is, if more water is used and less water is supplied, the pressure is low; If you use less water and supply more water, the pressure is high. Keeping the water supply pressure constant can keep the balance between water supply and water use, that is, when water is used more, water supply is more, and when water is used less, water supply is less, so as to improve the quality of water supply

Quanzhou Ruicheng electromechanical Co., Ltd. is a professional electromechanical integration technology company, which is mainly engaged in the R & D, sales, installation, commissioning and maintenance services of automation and power equipment, and designs and manufactures the integration of various control systems

as a professional automation engineering company and industrial control product agent, we have rich practical experience in industrial control network, PLC (programmable), touch screen, frequency converter, servo, stepping, power saving engineering, power distribution control system, etc., and have provided customers with services in automatic production lines, printing and dyeing machinery, air conditioning equipment, glass machinery, electronic equipment, spraying, chemical equipment, wires and cables, textiles, chemical fibers, plastic machines, ceramics Dozens of industries such as water supply, energy-saving equipment transformation, etc. have developed, designed and transformed many automation equipment and advanced automation control systems, and provided them with thoughtful technical support and pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales services, which have been highly praised by customers

variable frequency constant pressure water supply control cabinet products have overload, short circuit, phase loss protection, pump body water leakage, motor overtemperature and leakage and other protection functions and complete status display, and have single pump and multi pump control working modes, a variety of main and standby pump switching modes and various starting modes. It can be widely used in industrial and agricultural production, water supply, drainage, fire control, sprinkler pressurization, HVAC cold and hot water circulation and other occasions. No negative pressure water supply equipment, constant pressure water supply equipment

constant pressure water supply equipment according to the feedback principle: if you want to maintain a physical quantity unchanged or basically unchanged, you should introduce this physical quantity to compare with the constant value to form a closed-loop system. We want to keep the water pressure constant, so we introduce the feedback value of water pressure to compare with the given value, so as to form a closed-loop system. However, the controlled system is characterized by nonlinear and large inertia. The method of combining control and PID uses fuzzy control when the pressure fluctuates greatly to speed up the response speed; When the pressure range is small, PID is used to maintain the static accuracy. This algorithm can be realized by PLC and intelligent instrument. At the same time, the switching between power frequency and frequency conversion of pump can be realized by programming PLC

the variable frequency constant pressure water supply control cabinet has excellent internal quality, beautiful and durable appearance, convenient installation and operation, and is a safe and reliable partner for all kinds of pumps. Its typical applications: constant pressure water supply, air compressors, fans and pumps, air conditioners, port machinery, machine tools, boilers, paper machinery, food machinery, etc

environmental conditions: the altitude is not more than 2000 meters (more than 2000 meters should be reduced for use), the ambient temperature is between -25 ℃ - +40 ℃, the relative humidity is not more than 95%, and there is no condensation. The vibration is less than 0.5g. Application scope of variable frequency water pump control cabinet: 1. Constant pressure water supply control for industry, life and fire protection; 2. Constant temperature and pressure control of air conditioning cooling water circulation; 3. City Square Music; 4. Automatic water supply control of fountain

usually, a pressure sensor will be installed on the water outlet side to measure the current water pressure value, which can be fed back to PLC with electrical signals. Compared with the set value in PLC, when the water pressure is low, PLC will execute the corresponding program to increase the output frequency of frequency converter, then the motor speed will increase, and the water pressure can be restored. Similarly, when the water pressure is too high, PLC will execute another program after receiving the signal, It can reduce the output frequency of the frequency converter, so that the water pressure returns to the set value, so as to realize constant pressure water supply, which is also a closed-loop control

electric control box of constant pressure water supply pump

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