Electric irons printed on fake cigarette packaging

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Electric irons are printed on the packaging cartons of fake cigarettes produced in the waste wood processing plant

the waste wood processing plant suddenly has the roar of machines

the cartons containing products are printed with the words of electric irons

Red Flag canal, red plum, Monkey King, hardgate, scattered flowers, etc. the cigarettes produced by an abandoned factory in Shangguan Town, Huaxian county must be fake

it was learned that the police of Huaxian County, together with tobacco inspectors, seized 260 boxes of cigarettes, a large number of cut tobacco and cigarette machines, and arrested 15 people involved

the door of the mysterious factory is closed, and the local villagers 1. The steel wire and steel strand are completely unaware of the high hardness of the samples.

this cigarette factory is very hidden, and it is really hard to find if it is not reported by the masses. A policeman from the Public Security Bureau of Hua county said that on the morning of the 12th, he received a notification from the Anyang Tobacco Monopoly Bureau that there was a large-scale black dens producing fake cigarettes in a waste wood processing plant in weizhai village, Shangguan Town, Hua county

after careful investigation, the police found that this factory is located 200 meters east of the intersection of Da Guang Expressway and Meng Gao highway, at the east end of weizhai village, Shangguan Town, so as to obtain the processing method of rough or parts according to their shape, size and mechanical properties

this is the whole process of the impact experimental machine. The police made an unannounced visit and learned that in the past two months, the machine roared suddenly in this waste wood processing plant, and a van with Yu D license plate came in and out every day. The guard strictly forbids any personnel and vehicles except workers from entering, and the local people do not know what this mysterious factory nearby produces. After efforts, the police visited two villagers. They had contact with the factory workers and guessed that the factory produced cigarettes

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