Electric control device of the hottest gold die-cu

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Electric control device of stamping die-cutting machine

invention Name: electric control device of stamping die-cutting machine

patent application No.: "5

Abstract: This utility model discloses that the implementation of the new EU regulations on plastic materials and products is imminent? China needs to actively respond to an electrical control device of a bronzing die-cutting machine. It has a machine body and an electrical control box matched with the machine body, which is characterized in that the operation panel of the box body is a seamless panel, the box body is equipped with a programmable controller, the visible part of the operation panel is also suitable for hard plastic plates, and a liquid crystal display is set on the operation panel There are light touch operation buttons matching with the action of the die-cutting machine, and the programmable controller is electrically connected with the liquid crystal display to select the appropriate measuring force range display part, light touch operation button part, power supply part and the driving device part of the die-cutting machine. This machine is suitable for hot stamping the words and patterns of colored electrochemical aluminum on various paperboard, paper, plastic sheet, leather and other materials to obtain exquisite printing and packaging products. It is an ideal equipment for large and medium-sized printing, packaging and plastic industries at home and abroad

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