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An effective means to solve the peak valley difference and environmental protection problems - electric energy storage technology

1 there are many parts that need to use modified plastics. The necessity of the development of electric energy storage technology

1.1 the large peak valley difference requires the power side to also take peak shaving measures

in recent years, with the implementation of the macro-control policy of the national economy and the acceleration of the reform of the power system and the construction of power supply, The shortage of power supply, which has long restricted the development of the national economy and the improvement of people's living standards, has been basically alleviated. However, as the power consumption structure has undergone and will continue to undergo fundamental changes, the peak valley difference is increasing, the peak valley ratio is constantly decreasing, and the peak shaving capacity is insufficient. The peak to valley ratio in China is generally 10:0.7, the peak to valley ratio in the United States is 1:0.25, the peak to valley ratios in Japan, Germany, Britain, France and Russia are 1:0.4, 1:0.2, 1:0.35, 1:0.35 and 1:0.52 respectively, and the peak to valley ratio in general developing countries is 1:0.63. Therefore, we are facing increasingly severe peak shaving tasks and pressures

in order to ensure the safe, stable and economic operation of electricity, peak shaving measures must be taken at the power generation side: peak shaving operation of water and thermal power units, establishment of peak shaving power plants such as pumped storage and gas-fired power generation. The peak shaving capacity of the power generation side is limited, and at the expense of unit life, energy utilization, high investment, etc. In order to achieve a reasonable allocation of resources, the power side must also take peak shaving measures to cut peak and fill valley. At present, the peak valley electricity price difference is implemented in the policy, and the peak valley electricity price difference is about 3 times. With the continuous reduction of the peak valley ratio, the peak valley electricity price difference will gradually expand to 5 ~ 7 times

1.2 serious environmental pollution requires the use of clean energy in urban areas

the energy use in China's cities is still dominated by coal and fuel oil, causing serious environmental pollution. The contents of suspended particles, SO2, NOx, Co, CO2, etc. in the air seriously exceed the standard, causing great harm to people's health and plant growth. For this reason, all large and medium-sized cities have successively issued policies to solve the problem of coal-fired pollution, and gradually banned the use of coal-fired boilers and civil coal stoves. The Beijing Municipal Government expressly stipulated that "coal-fired boilers are not allowed to be built in new buildings within the Second Ring Road"

1.3 electric energy storage technology is an effective means to solve the problems of peak valley difference and environmental protection

in order to solve the problems of low night load, large peak valley difference, difficult peak shaving of units and urban environmental protection, electric energy storage technology has been developed successively since the 1970s, which has achieved great success as a solution to the problem of peak load in winter and summer

electric energy storage technology is the application of cold storage air conditioning, heat storage electric boilers and other equipment, using low-cost electricity to store cold or heat for use when needed. This technology can balance the load between peak and valley, improve power efficiency and reduce environmental pollution. It is a new energy-saving technology with both social and economic benefits. Since the early 1990s, China has also begun to introduce and develop electric energy storage technology, and has achieved certain results and experience, which has the conditions for further promotion and application. From June 14 to 15, the State Economic and Trade Commission and the State Power Corporation jointly held a technical exchange meeting on electric power cold (heat) energy conservation, which clearly instructed the State Power Corporation to vigorously strengthen the publicity of electric power energy storage technology, effectively help users control the quality of products and projects, reduce project costs, do a good job in planning, and constantly improve and develop electric energy storage technology

2 regenerative electric boiler

2.1 basic principle of regenerative electric boiler

electric heating boiler is a kind of equipment that converts electric energy into heat energy and heats water to produce hot water or steam (saturated plasmon nanostructure interacts with various radiation and steam). Its energy conversion is completed after the high-power electric heating element installed in the boiler shell is powered on. The regenerative electric boiler is to add a heat storage tank on the basis of the electric boiler to form a heat energy exchange and storage system. Through the forced circulation or natural circulation tensile test (stress-strain test), 1. Generally, the two ends of the material sample are clamped on two clamps with a certain distance between them, so that the cold water in the heat storage tank gradually turns into hot water to complete the storage of heat energy. Take advantage of the low-cost power resources at night, let the electric boiler run at full load, and store the heat energy in the hot water tank for use during the peak load of daytime electricity

2.2 the advantages of regenerative electric boiler are

a. using high-quality secondary energy - electric energy, there is no need for special site and equipment storage, and no waste is generated during utilization, which is conducive to environmental protection. The civil engineering cost can be saved by 60% - 70%, and the equipment cost can be saved by 30% - 50%, saving one-time investment

b. for power enterprises, the development of the city also benefits from the huge investment of large domestic companies, avoiding peak power consumption, reducing the pressure of electricity during peak hours, and improving the load rate of electricity

c. high thermal efficiency, up to 98%, higher than coal-fired and oil fired boilers by 45% and 10% respectively, and convenient to start and stop, which can make full use of low electricity prices and reduce operating costs

d. the service life of electric boilers is 2.5 times that of oil fired boilers, and the annual overhaul cost is only 1/5 of that of oil fired boilers

e. the electric boiler has a full-automatic control device, which realizes the electromechanical integration, without the operation of full-time boiler workers, and avoids accidents caused by human factors. The operation is safe and reliable, and there are no fire safety problems caused by oil depots and oil systems

2.3 application of regenerative electric boilers

regenerative electric boilers are widely used in Electromechanical, chemical, textile, hotels, enterprises, schools and residential living areas, especially in areas with high requirements for environmental protection and fire protection, and prosperous areas with an inch of land (such as hotels, restaurants, buildings, apartments and tourism and entertainment places). At present, there are about 4800 electric boilers with a total of 600 MW installed nationwide, but the regenerative electric boiler accounts for only 10%. Therefore, while vigorously promoting the regenerative electric boiler, the existing electric boiler must be transformed

3 ice (water) storage technology

3.1 basic principle of ice (water) storage technology

according to the classification of energy use, refrigeration units are divided into electric type and lithium bromide absorption type. Under the condition of tight power supply, lithium bromide absorption refrigeration units develop rapidly because they use less electricity than electric refrigeration units. However, lithium bromide absorption refrigeration units have insurmountable obstacles in principle, and the refrigeration efficiency is low. Generally, the efficiency of electric refrigeration units is more than 4 times higher than that of lithium bromide absorption refrigeration units. With the adjustment of energy structure, the ratio of lithium bromide absorption refrigeration units will be reduced year by year, and the ratio of electric refrigeration units will be increased year by year

ice (water) storage technology is to add ice (water) storage devices to the electric refrigeration unit, and use the low-cost power resources at night to make the electric refrigeration unit operate at full load

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