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The world epidemic is serious, and power generation equipment enterprises are actively fighting against the "epidemic"

COVID-19 in overseas markets, which has spread to 148 countries around the world (who released data on the 16th, as of 10:00 on the 16th Central European time). The international economy will be seriously impacted, and the overseas power station projects undertaken by China's power generation equipment enterprises are also facing a major test of epidemic prevention and control. Under the epidemic, Domestic power generation equipment enterprises "it's like a series of failed combinations. How do they actively respond to overseas projects? How is the control and production progress of overseas projects of power generation equipment? How to innovate ideas in international market development? Through research and sorting, this paper lists some powerful measures, beneficial explorations and achievements of Shanghai Electric, Dongfang Electric and Harbin Electric Group for reference by enterprises in the industry.

(I) Shanghai Electric Group:

epidemic prevention and control and resumption of production will not be relaxed, especially to ensure that overseas project control is in place:

on the morning of March 16, Zheng Jianhua, Secretary of the Party committee of Shanghai Electric Group, chairman and leader of the epidemic prevention and control leading group, presided over the eighth special video conference on epidemic prevention and control and resumption of work and production, stressing that party committees at all levels should take the main role and do not relax various measures for epidemic prevention and control and resumption of production, In particular, overseas projects should be fully controlled

Zheng Jianhua said that the domestic epidemic was basically controllable before the new rubber film level was pushed to the center of the oil seat, and the resumption of work and production of enterprises was gradually on the right track, but the overseas epidemic was in the outbreak period, the international economy would be seriously impacted, and the group's overseas projects were also facing a major test of epidemic prevention and control

at this stage, we should focus on the prevention and control of epidemic input. On the one hand, with the full resumption of work and production, business reception, business negotiations and other economic activities will also be gradually carried out; On the other hand, the large-scale return of overseas personnel brings great import risks. We must not relax our vigilance, be careless, or take chances. We can feel relieved that the epidemic prevention and control has achieved a phased victory

ZHENG Jianhua pointed out that after normal economic activities resume, we must pay attention to the two key links of entry and exit

for the incoming personnel, a first-class area similar to the hospital fever clinic should be set up, and special personnel, special areas, special channels, special measures, special epidemic prevention methods and means should be used to strictly control and prevent the input of epidemic

for those who go out, we should do a good job of prevention and release, grasp the two aspects of necessity approval and safety approval, and control the business travelers by stages. For self driving to the Yangtze River delta 5. Transmission system: there are mainly two kinds of driving parts of the tensile testing machine that can be released for business trips, but in principle, it is recommended not to go out as far as possible, protective measures must be taken for those who must go, and soft isolation must be done after coming back

Zheng Jianhua stressed that there are many overseas projects of Shanghai Electric, especially thousands of people gathered at the project sites such as Dubai and thar, and most of the project departments only have project management experience, and they are relatively lack of experience in epidemic control. Once there are problems, the consequences are unimaginable

the group headquarters should immediately go to the industrial groups with overseas projects for research and guidance to ensure that the overseas projects are fully controlled in place. For the severe situation of the large-scale outbreak of the epidemic in Italy, Shanghai Electric should do a good job in providing epidemic prevention material assistance to its partner Ansaldo, including epidemic prevention material assistance to European partners such as borje and nedschrov

make every effort to ensure the orderly progress of the the Belt and Road project, and the next city of the Pakistan thar project:

on February 24, local time, after nearly 42 hours of continuous fighting, the base plate foundation of the steam turbine generator of unit 1 of Shanghai Electric Pakistan thar power station project was successfully poured, and Shanghai Electric is the EPC general contractor of the project

previously, two cold end girders of the boiler air preheater of unit 1 of thar project were hoisted in place on February 18 and 20, respectively. So far, unit 1 of the project has successively completed two major engineering nodes as planned

this time, the pouring of the base plate foundation has high technical content and a large amount of concrete. The successful completion of this node has created favorable conditions for the next zero meter of the main powerhouse foundation, effectively promoting the overall progress of the project. The single hoisting weight of cold end beam, the heaviest equipment for boiler single hoisting of thar project, is 73 tons

in the face of external adverse effects such as the outbreak of the domestic epidemic and the Karachi Port workers' strike, the project Department of thar power station actively coordinated with all participating units to overcome difficulties and actively promote the construction schedule at all levels, ensuring the smooth progress of all work

(II) Dongfang Electric Group:

donated a batch of epidemic prevention materials to overseas partners:

while effectively doing its own epidemic prevention and control work, Dongfang Electric took the initiative to learn about epidemic prevention and control from overseas partners and provide assistance within its capabilities

through various efforts, Dongfang Electric raised epidemic prevention materials and donated 45600 epidemic prevention medical masks and a batch of temperature measuring guns to 9 enterprises, including Mitsubishi Hitachi, EDF, annen green energy, Iraq National Railway Corporation, Doosan Heavy Industry, and lower Japan

in case of urgency, there is love, and there is spare. Dongfang Electric has established long-term friendly cooperative relations with many overseas partners in various energy fields. Previously, in the early stage of the COVID-19 in China, when the epidemic prevention materials were in the greatest shortage, Mitsubishi Hitachi, Framatome and other overseas enterprises immediately extended a helping hand and donated a batch of masks to support the epidemic prevention and control interdiction war, which made us deeply feel the sincere friendship of overseas partners beyond commercial cooperation and the determination to walk together and share the storm

respond quickly and make careful arrangements, and sign the order for the first overseas power station reconstruction and solar power station general contracting project after resumption of work:

during the epidemic prevention and control period, Dongfang Electric Group International Cooperation Co., Ltd. adheres to the principle of two hands, two hands hard and two things right in epidemic prevention and control and business operation. While expanding the market, it actively strengthens the training of talent teams, and strives to seize market opportunities. In order to better strengthen the sharing of internal experience and improve the level of market development, Orient International innovative training ideas, organized a two-day online special training on the dual shaping of international market development experience and experience and market performance of overseas institutions. The lecturers are front-line cadres and employees with rich experience and outstanding achievements in many overseas institutions and market development departments. More than 80 students are selected from various business departments and have been officially or will be sent to overseas institutions. The training was carried out in the form of live broadcast and conference, which spanned more than ten countries. On February 26, Dongfang Electric Group International Cooperation Co., Ltd. and Bangladesh Electric Power Commission signed a contract for the reconstruction project of boiler island of unit 2 of laozan power plant in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, which is the first overseas power plant reconstruction project obtained by Dongfang Electric after resumption of work. Laozan power plant is located in laozan area of Chittagong City, Bangladesh. It was built and put into operation by Dongfang Electric in the mid and late 1990s. The two 210 MW host equipment installed are also provided by Dongfang Electric. It has been in operation for more than 23 years. This signing has laid a foundation for Dongfang Electric to continue to explore the Bangladesh market and further strengthened its confidence in coordinating epidemic prevention and control and production and operation. Recently, Orient International signed a 9.15 solar power plant general contract with a subsidiary of El Salvador National Electric Corporation in San Salvador, the capital of the Republic of El Salvador. This project is the first general contracting project of solar power station obtained by Dongfang Electric after its resumption of work, and it is also the first time that Dongfang Electric has entered the Salvadoran market. 9.15 the solar power station is named after the national day of El Salvador. The project is located in the province of usulutan, El Salvador, close to the east side of the dam of the main hydropower station in service in the country. The scope of the project contract includes the whole process of design, civil engineering, construction, supply, installation, commissioning, handover, etc

(III) Harbin Electric Power Group:

Si Zefu went to the international company to inspect the overseas epidemic prevention and control work:

on the morning of March 12, Si Zefu, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of Harbin Electric Power Group Company, Xie Weijiang, member of the Standing Committee of the Party committee and deputy general manager, and his delegation went to the international company to inspect and guide the overseas epidemic prevention and control work, and listened to the report on the overall work of the overseas epidemic prevention and control work of the international company, Internal experiments can improve the quality of process control and put forward requirements for international companies to coordinate epidemic prevention and control and comprehensive resumption of production

szev affirmed the work done by the international company in overseas epidemic prevention and control, epidemic prevention material allocation and ensuring the normal resumption of work and production of the group company since the occurrence of the COVID-19. Relevant responsible comrades of the group company's medical material support working group, international market and international engineering working group accompanied the inspection

make every effort to ensure that the progress of Dubai hasyan project will not be affected and achieve the ignition target of boiler 1 in advance:

on March 7, Dubai local time, Harbin Electric Group Overseas hasyan project boiler 1 was successfully ignited at one time. At present, the Dubai hasiyan project site is at the key stage of the comprehensive construction and cross operation of four units. Harbin Electric Power Group International Co., Ltd. will work together to prevent and control overseas epidemics, firmly build an on-site epidemic prevention front, and ensure the health and safety of on-site personnel; Focus on the construction of the project, strive to achieve the goal of generating power for unit 1, and resolutely complete the construction of national key projects. Do two hands, two hands hard, two not wrong

affected by the epidemic, it is particularly difficult for the main subcontracting partners of the project to send personnel to the site because they are in the center of the epidemic area, and other partners are also unable to send personnel in time due to the impact of domestic traffic during the epidemic, resulting in great pressure on the on-site human resources organization after the construction of four units of the current project is fully launched. The project team of Harbin electric power group moves according to the situation, organizes in advance, focuses on the key link of human resources organization, and makes every effort to ensure that the project progress is not affected. Strictly review and approve the return, reasonably arrange team members, commissioning and operation personnel to return to the site and put them into the front line as soon as possible after 14 days of isolation; Cooperate with subcontractors, actively respond to and overcome difficulties, and organize nearly 300 workers to return one after another; Scientific planning, multiple measures, the introduction of territorial resources, the organization of 200 local workers to enter the site, effectively ensuring the construction progress of units 2, 3 and 4

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