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Ge experts interpret the future development trend of PLC for you

interviewee: Barry Lynch, global marketing director of Ge intelligent platform hardware system

how has Ge developed in the PLC market in the past year? What aspects do you think are the core competitiveness of Ge PLC products

in Ge intelligent platform, our strategic goal is to help customers realize industrial interconnection. We help our customers improve their productivity through the interconnection of machines, data, information and people. Control system is the basis of industrial interconnection. GE has high efficiency, and Jinmin mode has won wide attention and high recognition from the government, industry and media. The control system based on industrial interconnection helps customers collect and share data in the enterprise, and finally uses these big data to improve decision-making efficiency and create value

ge's control system has the characteristics of high efficiency, high availability and modularization. GE's control system also supports a number of communication protocols, including Modbus TCP, PROFINET, EGD, DNP3, IEC61850 and the latest opc-ua. GE's control system is equipped with high-performance CPU and large memory. By absorbing the latest technological innovations from our upstream suppliers, such as Intel and AMD, we have always and will continue to provide innovative products to our customers

please introduce a representative PLC product launched by Ge in detail? What are the main aspects of its innovation

ge's PACSystems RX3i control system has the best performance and can help customers realize industrial interconnection. Our newly released RX3i 330cpu has a modular com express structure, which can effectively extend the life cycle of the solution and update the system quickly and easily. With the development of technology, the com express module will also change, so as to ensure that we are always at the forefront of technological innovation. The new CPU is more flexible and compact, which improves the performance of the overall application. Through rack mount, RX3i 330cpu can communicate and control a large amount of data at high speed

rx3i can provide customers with a complete architecture with Gigabit transmission capacity, allowing customers to formulate applications in the most effective way without losing any functions. PROFINET supports a large amount of i/o without affecting the system performance, and can run in a noisy environment at the same time. Although the management of PROFINET requires an independent module, the RX3i 330cpu is sufficient to support PROFINET. The built-in photoelectric conversion module reduces the i/o wiring cost, installation time and overall holding cost. Ge strives to ensure that all products comply with our strict network information security standards. For this, we not only conduct a strict security assessment for each product, but also plan to carry out Achilles Level 2 certification for RX3i 330cpu

what is your opinion on the future development trend of PLC technology? In what aspects will GE's future PLC products be innovated and improved? What value will it bring to users

ge intelligent platform is doing its best to help our customers realize industrial interconnection. We believe that PLC will become a key node of industrial interconnection in the future. It can not only realize control applications, but also support other applications, such as remote monitoring and diagnosis, human-machine interface and model-based control, all of which will adopt cloud technology to achieve zero downtime accidents, improve asset operation performance and reduce life cycle costs

what breakthroughs have GE's control system products made in industry expansion recently? What are the future plans in this regard

based on industrial interconnection, the interconnection of data and people requires high-performance computing and processing capabilities. In order to help enterprises stand out in today's interconnected business environment, Ge designed a simplified control architecture to help OEM manufacturers increase value, reduce complexity, and redefine the way operators interact with equipment. It is the RXi industrial computer that has been developed and tested for many years. Its flexible com Express technology can be easily upgraded to existing or new CPU architecture

ge industrial computer can be combined with Ge software to provide customized solutions for customers. RXi industrial control computer can run and monitor the on-site hmi/scada, store and analyze historical data, and perform real-time control. At the same time, RXi industrial control computer can also be configured for end users and OEM manufacturers to realize remote monitoring and diagnosis. In addition, GE quickpanel+ human-machine interface for industrial interconnection can be used as a compact controller, which combines the functions of traditional programmable logic controller and human-machine interface. It can provide you with simple, economic and integrated solutions

in recent years, many PLC enterprises have made great efforts in the OEM market. How do you see the development prospect of this field? What are the measures in this field

at GE, we have seen the tremendous power of elastic computing power, extensive interconnection and cloud computing that can be generated through interconnected machines and big data analysis. Nowadays, OEM manufacturers compete fiercely with each other. They need to provide high-level services for their customers, but also face cost pressure. OEMs are seeking to monitor their devices and share their data information with end users. But most of them lack the corresponding tools and resources to do so. The equipment insight solution from GE enables manufacturers to easily optimize assets and equipment, improve customer experience and improve profit level through cloud data collection, analysis and management

how do you think enterprises should break through in the PLC market environment with fierce competition and reduced profit margin? What potential market opportunities do you see in the Chinese market 8.75 × ten × 9.8+367.5=1225N?

ge's control system family helps you realize industrial interconnection. Our efficient and scalable controller provides customers with powerful solutions through the interconnection between human and machine. Through the collection and management of machine data, the monitoring and visualization of assets and equipment to improve the level of decision-making. Find out the crux of the problem through the analysis of relevant data, so as to optimize performance. Using advanced predictive analysis and diagnostic tools, we can find and predict potential problems, so as to achieve the ultimate goal of industrial interconnection, the optimization of assets and equipment, and the basis of all this is advanced control solutions

we deliver value to our customers. For this, we not only provide advanced control systems, but also provide customers with additional high value-added services, such as installation, maintenance, product life cycle management and technical support services. This set of solutions including products, services and technical support is what distinguishes us from other brands, and it is also the foundation of our foothold in the Chinese market. In the Chinese market, we have seen that the good future of the renewable energy market and the market of hydraulic universal testing machine for casting aluminum alloy are close to saturation. Ge is also fully supporting the development of this market

how do you think the PLC market pattern in China is changing? How do you view the current market competition between local brands and international brands in the Chinese market

traditionally, Chinese local brands are mainly aimed at small, medium and low-end OEM markets, while international brands such as GE are mainly aimed at large project markets with higher automation requirements. Compared with local brands, international brands can provide a higher level of service and technical support. But we also see that at present, local brands and international brands are also competing with each other. Local brands are slowly involved, but we are involved in large-scale projects in the process of design experiments, and international brands are also expanding to small and medium-sized projects

in recent years, with the development of PLC networking, the openness is increasingly strengthened, which also brings the problem of information security of industrial control system. How do you think of this problem? What strategies does Ge have

ge has standardized opc-ua and implemented interoperability standards in multiple Ge business units. Through the standardization of opc-ua, GE has improved the connectivity between equipment and taken a step closer to industrial interconnection. Secure design and richer context data provide the basis for cloud system and asset performance management. Opc-ua provides a standard for GE devices. Now GE has a series of devices that support opc-ua, such as PACSystems RX3i, RXi and MarkVIe, which are controllers that support opc-ua standard

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