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GE Energy China has two more subsidiaries, Sino US technology exchange win-win

GE Energy Group has three joint ventures in China, namely, Ge Harbin Power Nanjing steam turbine energy service Co., Ltd. located in Qinhuangdao, Ge Asia Hydropower Equipment Co., Ltd. located in Hangzhou, and Xinhua Control Engineering Co., Ltd. located in Shanghai. At present, there are two more children in China

On May 11, Shenyang general electric turbine machinery technology Co., Ltd. and Shenyang General Electric Liming gas turbine parts Co., Ltd. held a joint opening ceremony in Shenyang Hunnan New Area. The two companies were jointly established by GE Energy Group, Shenyang Blower Group and Shenyang Liming Engine Manufacturing Company

GE Energy took advantage of the situation to enter the Chinese market

compared with other large multinational enterprises, the media once commented on Ge, the world's largest diversified company, as "wait-and-see" in terms of entering and exploring the Chinese market

but GE Energy Group's entry into China is at the right time. When China began to realize that energy construction seriously lagged behind the needs of economic development, led by the national development and Reform Commission, a bundled bidding was carried out for China's power generation enterprises

the gas turbine power station construction project is one of the construction projects with the largest purchase amount in China's power industry. China's power station construction project is a national key power construction project in the tenth five year plan, and it is also a key step in the Chinese government's energy strategy. Ge stands out from the fierce competition of many international manufacturers and becomes one of the main suppliers of the two gas turbines

what China wants is to change the technology of the market. 1. The traditional zigzag experiment is to complete the technology on the universal experimental machine, and Ge also took the opportunity to successfully enter the Chinese power market

everything seems to be going well: "Ge and its partner Harbin power have delivered eight ge9fa gas turbines assembled and tested in the new factory of Harbin power in Qinhuangdao, Hebei Province. All the equipment was delivered before the original plan of the contract and will be put into commercial operation this summer. Gltc has delivered the first batch of transition segments and flame barrels to Harbin power for assembly in the gas turbines shipped this summer. Over the past two years, we have worked with our gas turbine technology partners We are very happy that great progress has been made. "Gu Weili, general manager of GE Energy Group China project, said.

in addition to orders for new equipment, GE Energy Group recently signed a contractual service contract (CAS) Provide maintenance, spare parts and other services to two power stations that took the lead in using f technology in China: the 700 MW combined thermal power plant located in Shanghai Chemical Industry Park and the 780 MW power plant in Yuyao City, Zhejiang Province

Gu Weili has no reason to be unhappy. TBEA, the leading manufacturer of high-voltage power transmission and transformation in China, has also successfully entered the U.S. market in some fields. However, its chairman Zhang Xin told the China economic times that in fact, the biggest market in the United States is not equipment manufacturing, but post service. In fact, the power equipment manufacturing industry in the United States has (1) increased downward pressure and is basically saturated. As one of the largest manufacturers of gas turbine equipment in the world, it is undoubtedly a wise strategic choice for GE to enter the huge power generation equipment market in China

Whether a good start can lead to a win-win start is a happy situation for both sides

Jiang Wei, chairman of Shenyang Liming aviation development group, said: "The cooperation between Shenyang Liming aviation development group and Ge began in 1980 and is an important purchasing partner of GE Energy Group in China. Shenyang Liming aviation development group not only provides gas turbine parts for GE Energy, but also provides aircraft engine parts for GE Transportation Group. After the establishment of the joint venture, GE has become our strategic partner, and the grand opening of the new plant has further enhanced this strategic partnership. The cooperation with Ge is not only It will help us expand our local market and promote the progress of our globalization strategy. Shenyang Liming aviation group's experience and advantages in aviation and energy manufacturing are combined with GE's advanced quality and process management. We believe that the cooperation between the two sides will promote the product upgrading and quality progress of China's energy industry. "

Su Yongqiang, chairman of Shengu group, said," Shenyang general electric turbine machinery technology Co., Ltd. is the first investment project of GE Energy Group in China and the first manufacturing investment project of Ge, the world's largest diversified product and service group, in Northeast China. With a history of 70 years, Shen Gu is a key backbone equipment manufacturing enterprise in China. Since the establishment of the joint venture for more than two years, Shen Gu's long history and production capacity have been combined with GE's advanced technology and management philosophy to provide customers with high value-added services and provide valuable but patient experience for the transformation of Shenyang's traditional manufacturing industry. The localized production capacity of "

" enables us to better serve China's growing energy market. This shows our long-term commitment ", said Fred, CEO of GE Energy Group China.

GE Energy responds to the changes in China's energy market.

some people predict that China will have a surplus of electricity by next year. However, GE Energy said that GE's entry into China is not just focused on dozens of gas turbines and related services, but China's ever-changing energy market.

Fred, President of GE Energy Group China said:" Ge is very optimistic about the development prospect of China's overall energy. In the past two to three years, I have been working in China and responsible for wind projects. Why I was appointed president of China is that compared with other countries such as Japan, South Korea, etc., we have the fastest development in China. "

GU Weili, general manager of GE Energy Group's China project, believes that China has very rich natural gas reserves in the west, and China will also transport liquefied petroleum gas. These resources have a very healthy environment and prospects for the development of GE's gas turbine business in China.

Fred believes that the market is determined by how many people use our gas turbines in the end, which still comes from customers. If Ge helps customers achieve success If you succeed, you will have a larger share in the market. The whole Chinese gas turbine market is very big, and there are many opportunities. He also said that the introduction of China's renewable energy law is a very revolutionary change in the Chinese market. Ge is very, very excited. Now GE has put a series of renewable energy products and equipment into the Chinese market. For example, in the past oneortwo years, with the development of GE's wind energy business, with the economic tension of aerospace, national defense, kerosene chemical industry, transportation and other people, the mediation and elimination of household property are upgrading very fast. In addition, it is also promoting the development of solar energy business in China

why is Ge energy not afraid of changes in China's energy market? Fred said, I think our market is not only for renewable energy, but also for clean energy in a broad sense, so we have such an investment in Shenyang today. In addition, there are many power stations under construction in China, but we see that many of them are coal-fired thermal power. We believe that with the promulgation of China's renewable energy law, there is still a very obvious growth trend in the long run for the clean energy power generation methods that our technology is good at, such as hydropower and gas turbine projects

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