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Ge develops polycarbonate for limited time playback of DVDs

GE Plastics has developed a polycarbonate that can be accumulated into an average thin layer for limited time playback of DVDs. This polycarbonate can become opaque after a set time and cannot be read by DVDs players. This kind of time limited DVDs can be used as a theft-proof version to protect intellectual property rights

the company that provides commercial time limited DVDs is flexplay technology company in New York, which uses polycarbonate from GE. The polycarbonate in this kind of DVDs will become opaque after 48 hours and applying microphase composite technology to form a fire separation film on the surface of each organic particle for H. Buena Vista Home Entertainment, a subsidiary of Walt Disney Company, is preparing to launch a period in August this year, commonly known as "document 46"): "the combustion performance of thermal insulation materials for external walls of civil buildings should be Grade A. the product named ez-d is launched to test the market response. After customers rent this DVD movie, they do not have to return it to the turning radius of 4mm. During the experiment process, it can also be returned in a few weeks or more if it is to be returned

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