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Ge intelligent platform PACSystems advanced training course was successfully held in Zhuhai

on September 7 and 8, a two-day geip PACSystems advanced training course was held in the geip Automation Laboratory of Zhuhai branch of Beijing University of technology

19 students from geip distributors (Shenzhen Jinming Technology Co., Ltd.), end customers (Guangdong Guangdong Hong Kong Water Supply Co., Ltd., deepwater Guangming water Co., Ltd.), system integrators (Shenzhen Heji Automation System Co., Ltd., Shenzhen xinwocheng Automation Technology Co., Ltd.), and University plan partners (Zhuhai branch of Beijing Institute of technology, Shunde Vocational and Technical College), after careful study, actively started experiments, Finally, they passed the examination and obtained the training certificate of PACSystems advanced course

geip PACSystems advanced course covers the application of advanced instructions of Proficy me programming language, the programming of parameter blocks, user-defined blocks, EDG, PROFINET and other fieldbus communication, RX3i dual sometimes needs to use a certain support structure, hit hot standby and other knowledge. Through this training, the students said that they had gained a lot. They combined theory and practice efficiently in a short time, and mastered a lot of knowledge that pac3i needs to use in practical projects. They not only improved their programming skills, but also improved their abilities of on-site debugging, problem analysis and problem solving

this training has also been strongly supported by the Zhuhai branch of Beijing University of technology, a university that geip plans to cooperate with. The force measuring institution of the university not only provides a spacious and bright multimedia training classroom, but also has fully equipped computer hardware, licensed software, more than ten sets of pac3i, and student volunteers who provide logistics services for everyone, all of which provide the necessary guarantee for the successful completion of the training. The University said that such school enterprise cooperation is the extension of the University plan project. First, it requires the expansion of insulation, so that the university laboratory can go out of the ivory tower and directly serve the society. It also gives university teachers and students the opportunity to learn foreign advanced experience and contact practical engineering. The students also said that after working for many years, they returned to the campus to participate in learning, which was particularly kind and highly motivated

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