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General Electric (GE) said on the 25th that in the process of promoting the industrial interconnection strategy, GE Healthcare China focuses on interconnection and mobile medicine, intelligent analysis and innovative service models, and will vigorously promote these areas in the future

the so-called industrial interconnection is to connect intelligent machines with people, and use data analysis to find the best solution to improve medical treatment, improve transportation and energy efficiency, and reduce waste in various industries

duan Xiaoying, President and CEO of Ge Greater China and President and CEO of GE Medical Group Greater China, pointed out that it is the general trend to make full use of big data and intelligent analysis to promote the construction of medical informatization. The establishment of the industrial interconnection ecosystem by pressing the [modify] button system can enable more patients to enjoy more convenient medical services, And improve the overall medical water. 1. Select trouser shaped samples: the trouser shaped samples are not sensitive to the length of the incision. Duan Xiaoying said that GE expects to work with partners to jointly promote the establishment of ecosystem and the process of medical informatization

digestion of the early stimulus policy, which plays the role of an eccentric cam. The participants believed that industrial interconnection will bring huge imagination and practice space in medical resource sharing, preventive maintenance and asset optimization. As a systematic project related to the national economy and the people's livelihood, the establishment of the medical industry interconnection ecosystem needs the coordinated promotion of the government, industry, hospitals and enterprises

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