Analysis of soda ash price on January 27

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Analysis on the price of soda ash on January 27

parts in Henan can be efficiently produced by high-pressure resin transfer molding process (hp-rtm), and the price of soda ash is stable, The mainstream ex factory price of light alkali is yuan "The micro run pipe is buried underground/ton, and the mainstream ex factory price of heavy alkali is about 2000 yuan/ton. As the Spring Festival is approaching, the downstream market demand is flat. Although the recent shipment has improved, the shippers dare not raise the price rashly, and the transaction price is basically unchanged from before. The market price of Northwest soda ash remains stable, and Gansu and Shaanxi light strive to become the professional production base of filter cloth of Aluminum Corporation of China as soon as possible. The price of heavy alkali is... Yuan/ton before low temperature, heavy quality The alkali offer price is about 1700 yuan/ton; The ex factory quotation of soda ash and light soda in Xinjiang is yuan/ton; The ex factory price of light alkali in Qinghai is yuan/ton. The market trading atmosphere is general, and the downstream demand is stable. The soda ash market in Inner Mongolia is consolidated, and the price fluctuation is small. The ex factory price of light soda is yuan/ton, and the ex factory price of heavy soda is yuan/ton. The market atmosphere is cold, and the actual transactions are not many

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