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Ge intelligent platform launched sbc622 reinforced openvpx compatible single board computer

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[Ge second-generation openvpx reinforced single board computer has higher performance, more flexibility and stronger connectivity. It provides the required high throughput, function set and reliability for network centric battlefield]

Charlottesville, VA, June 3, 2010 - Ge intelligent platform announced the launch of sbc622 reinforced openvpx compatible single board computer today. Based on the powerful Intel Core i7 processor, this product integrates many innovative technologies and has unparalleled performance, flexibility, connectivity and compatibility

this product plays a key role in the rapid development of programs such as FCS (future combat system) and JTRS (Joint Tactical Radio System) used in network centric battlefield, in which data-driven architecture can present a more complete battlefield environment for soldiers. Generally speaking, the more demanding applications include early warning system, command and control, and the collection, analysis and distribution of real-time sensor data (including radar, sonar and video in sea, land and air applications). These applications require excellent processing capacity to meet the requirements of PE double arm bellows, winding pipes and various pipe standards, integrated i/o and communication, and absolute reliability

sbc622's Intel Core i7 processor has a dominant frequency of 2.53GHz, which is 30% higher than the old product. At the same time, the memory capacity is twice that of the first generation VPX single board computer, up to 8GB. It also supports welded DDR3 SDRAM with ECC verification, which further improves the performance. Sbc622 can achieve the best scalability and interoperability with its high bandwidth 10 Gigabit Ethernet i/o optical fiber subsystem. Users can flexibly configure sbc622 through two on-board PCI-X pmc/xmc superimposed expansion stations according to precise application requirements. At the same time, sbc622 conforms to the openvpx standard, which can ensure interoperability with various ecosystem solutions, so as to minimize development time and cost and accelerate time to market

for the applications that are developing and gradually forming the essence of modern war, sbc622 plays an important role in the fast data exchange required by it with rich and flexible function set and extraordinary performance, and meets the requirements of network driven battlefield infrastructure for high throughput and fast response. Said Richard Kirk, product manager of Ge intelligent platform. GE has always been committed to leading the development of technology and has made great contributions to enabling customers to obtain sustainable competitive advantages

sbc622's onboard BIOS flash (or a second flash device) is a high-level fault safety contact the manufacturer's personnel! Full operation lays the foundation, that is, if the main BIOS crashes, the BIOS can be restored to achieve a certain level of security. For convenience, the capacity of flash device is enough to undertake more pre boot applications, such as built-in test (bit)

sbc622 mention 2. The measuring range is suitable for the tested object: there are five reinforced versions, from air cooling to conduction cooling. All versions are equipped with comprehensive deployment test software (bit and BCS), so that customers can choose the most cost-effective version according to their needs. The operating systems supported by this product include VxWorks, windows and Linux, which customers can choose on demand

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