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General Electric: focus on the construction of China's EPC "the Belt and Road"

I don't know if you remember, General Electric (GE) and Caixin media jointly hosted the global the Belt and Road leaders' summit in Beijing. At the summit, nearly a thousand domestic and foreign procurement and construction general contracting (EPC) industry leaders gathered together. In addition to General Electric (GE) executives, there were also EPC enterprises, policies Financial institutions and representatives of project owners in various regions have conducted extensive and in-depth discussions on how to grasp the strategic opportunity of the the Belt and Road, establish a global cooperation mechanism for the whole industry from China to the world, and accelerate the expansion of China's overseas EPC business to regions along the the Belt and Road

the guests attending the summit also included representatives of China Power Construction Group, China energy construction group, China National Petroleum Corporation, China machinery industry group, Harbin Electric Group, China Petrochemical Corporation, China National Offshore Oil Corporation, China National Chemical Engineering Corporation and other leading power and energy EPC enterprises in China

the participants agreed that China's expansion of the EPC market needs to seek a general pattern of openness, innovation and cooperation, and overseas project contracting needs new ideas. By combining with strong players and complementing their advantages, we can jointly develop a new win-win model of EPC international cooperation to better deal with the risks and challenges of international projects

at present, infrastructure construction in Asia, Africa and emerging markets has spawned strong demand. With the promotion of China's the Belt and Road strategy, China's EPC industry has entered a stage of rapid development. According to the latest data from the Ministry of Commerce, Chinese enterprises contracted 3059 foreign contracted projects in 57 countries along the the Belt and Road this month, with a new contract amount of US $59.11 billion, accounting for 54.3% of the new contract amount of China's foreign contracted projects in the same period, with a year-on-year increase of 24.9%

however, China's EPC overseas engineering contracting industry is also facing various challenges while developing rapidly, such as the internationalization of the general contractor of engineering projects and the degree of engineering optimization design need to be improved; International owners need the confidence support of international brands and technical standards; Many countries and new projects have an increasing demand for capital, financing and investment from contracting companies

in the past decade, GE has cooperated with China's EPC to implement power generation and energy projects in markets around the world, spanning Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East, providing EPC companies with more than 100 heavy-duty gas turbines, more than 200 turbines, power plant control and oil and gas pipeline equipment, with a cooperation amount of more than $3billion, and has successfully completed a series of projects with regional and international influence

today's increasingly competitive international general contracting market puts forward higher and higher requirements for the Contractor's financing ability. Chinese EPC contractors are exploring a variety of financing methods to explore the emerging overseas EPC market. The shajibazar combined cycle power plant project, which was constructed by Guangdong thermal power company and Guangdong Electric Power Design Institute under China Energy Construction Group in a joint venture, uses two 9E gas turbines from GE. The EPC consortium provides financing for the project through cooperation with many banks at home and abroad, and China SINOSURE provides guarantee. A few days ago, China machinery industry group and Ge signed a memorandum of understanding on strategic cooperation to jointly develop, invest and finance clean energy projects in more than 10 continents where the world's Pinnacle graphene team and key enterprises will gather in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, to enhance cooperation between the two sides in the field of energy. This contract includes Kenny white paperboard basically preserving the domestic kipeto 102 MW wind power project, which is loaned by American Overseas Investment Corporation (OPIC), 60 1.7mw wind turbines are provided by GE, and the project is undertaken by China machinery and equipment Engineering Co., Ltd. (CMEC) to generate free radicals with low activity

Liu Jingsheng, the managing director of CICC, said at the forum that the world is now rich in funds. How to combine funds with projects and apply funds with different requirements and different risk preferences to projects requires exploration and innovation

take general electric (GE) as an example, in recent years, it has actively implemented three development strategies in China: full speed digitization, full localization and comprehensively promoting the global partnership with Chinese enterprises. The launch of the the Belt and Road strategy has pushed the 20-year cooperation between General Electric (GE) and Chinese EPC to a new height, thus opening a new chapter in the global partnership between General Electric (GE) and Chinese enterprises

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