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Ge test control technology China Customer Application Center Shanghai grand opening

on July 25, 2012, Shanghai - Ge measurement control announced that its customer application center in Shanghai, China was officially put into operation, and the opening ceremony of the center was held on the same day. Li Shousheng, executive vice president of the China Petroleum and Petrochemical Industry Federation, Liu Chaohui, director of the Foreign Investment Management Office of the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce, Liu Bo, general manager of Ge oil and Gas Group China, and Xu Xin, general manager of Ge detection and control technology China, cut the ribbon for the center. About 150 important customers from petrochemical, electric power, aerospace, steel and other industries attended the opening ceremony of the customer application center and visited and experienced the main products of its business department and advanced interactive multimedia presentations

the newly built Ge detection and control technology customer application center is mainly divided into three areas: product demonstration, multimedia display and classroom training. The product demonstration shows products related to oil and gas, aerospace, electric power, medical and other fields, such as sensing measurement, nondestructive testing, fluid process technology, control solutions, asset status monitoring and so on, including the remote access system for the setting client. Customers can carry out on-site operation practice and intuitively experience the application and product portfolio of Ge detection and control technology. Multimedia display, through a series of advanced interactive multimedia demonstrations, shows users how the products and services of Ge detection and control technology can help users improve asset value, optimize plant operations, and maximize the use value of plant assets in the life cycle. It includes the simulated real picture of the whole plant, three-dimensional simulation diagram, and customer case display of different application industries. Classroom training is built to let customers and employees understand the latest technology, experience product functions, and carry out operation demonstrations. Theory 7 End the experiment or carry out the next round of integrated training platform combining experiment and practice

since the application center operates together with other application centers around the world for 24 hours, through the service of GE Global expert system, if Chinese passengers are deformed, it will affect the stability of pressure regulation function. Users will better understand the latest technology and applications, and promote the R & D and production and manufacturing capacity of large passenger aircraft in time. It is an important symbol of a country's aviation level, which is widely spread to corresponding fields. This platform also creates a more vivid platform for GE inspection and control technology to communicate with customers and jointly develop innovative solutions for the efficient operation of industrial assets

ge detection and control technology is committed to providing our users with solutions to protect the safety and health of industrial assets through continuous exploration for tomorrow. Help our customers maintain advantages in quality, service, safety and efficiency. We hope to enlarge our principle of continuous innovation in products. The opening of customer application center is an innovation of our customer experience. We are committed to helping our customers succeed in a proprietary way by developing and applying innovative and advanced technologies, said Xu Xin, general manager of Ge inspection and control technology China

ge detection and control technology will build 9 similar customer application centers around the world in 2012 to better serve customers based on their needs

ge detection and control technology is subordinate to ge oil and gas group, which mainly provides industrial users with innovative and high-quality solutions to ensure the safety and health of industrial assets and realize accurate, efficient and safe operations. Its business covers sensing measurement, nondestructive testing technology, condition monitoring, industrial automation control and optimization and other fields. Its products are widely used in oil and gas, electric power, aerospace, metallurgy, manufacturing, transportation and other industries

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