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Ge released the 2011 Annual Report of green vision

on June 28, 2012, General Electric (GE) released the 2011 Annual Report of green vision today in field, Connecticut. The report said that since 2005, the total sales and service revenue of GE's green vision products has exceeded $105 billion. Among them, in 2011 alone, the company received $21billion in revenue from green creative products and services. At the same time, the company's R & D investment in 2011 exceeded US $2billion, steadily advancing towards the set goal of a cumulative R & D investment of US $10billion from 2010 to 2015

34 new green creative products and services have been added, including:

flexefficiency * 50 combined cycle generator: the first generator of its kind in the industry, creating a new standard of flexibility and efficiency in the power generation process. Combined cycle power generation technology can integrate electricity from various sources, including solar energy and wind energy

waukesha 275gl+ natural gas engine: this engine performs better than similar products in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Compared with competitive products with the same horsepower, a 16V Waukesha 275gl+ engine can reduce the annual carbon dioxide emissions by 1900 tons, equivalent to the total annual carbon dioxide emissions of more than 380 vehicles in the United States

RailEdge Movement Planner? Software technology: help railway customers operate goods more quickly and intelligently. For example, this technology helps a customer increase the average train speed of a railway by 10%. If it can be fully used, it can help him reduce the use of 37million gallons of diesel every year, which is roughly equivalent to the total annual carbon dioxide emissions of 73000 American cars

Ge also launched the first two solutions certified by green imagination. The electrification solution of the fleet and the green imagination kitchen can reduce the power consumption of the kitchen by up to 20%

mark Vachon, vice president of Ge green vision, said: in this changing world, the global population is growing, and the government is facing severe financial pressure. Green vision is a development direction. The achievements of green imagination prove that we have met the most urgent needs of our customers. Whether countries, cities, enterprises or individuals, green vision not only improves resource utilization and productivity, but also brings excellent economic benefits

adhering to the commitment to open innovation, general electric and its investment company partners have invested a total of $134million in green Challenge Winners. In 2011, Ge launched the project in China and promised to invest US $100million to find and fund the best localized gas energy technology application party with an import amount of US $1.566 million in October. In May this year, the first China Green challenge announced the list of winners, and all winners received cash awards. Ge and other partners are still discussing possible equity investment or potential business cooperation opportunities with some participating enterprises and individuals

the green challenge is another proof of GE's commitment to jointly develop clean technology with China in the future. Deng Qun, director of Ge China green vision, said that China has a vast territory, a large population, complex needs, and increasing public spending in the field of green energy innovation, making the Chinese market a touchstone for new breakthroughs in the field of clean energy, especially in the fields of gas energy, water treatment, electric vehicles, and energy conservation management. For general electric, the Chinese market is the key to the success of global green innovation. The company will consolidate its strategic position by expanding investment and establishing more mutually beneficial partnerships

the report also highlights that GE's industry-leading and strict operation management has further reduced greenhouse gas emissions and water consumption. Compared with the baseline in 2004, greenhouse gas emissions decreased by 29%; The use of fresh water is 35% lower than the baseline for the next 10 years in 2006

the 2011 green vision annual report also introduces the latest progress made by GE's five green vision commitments, including:

1 Doubled R & D Investment: Ge fulfilled its promise to invest in the future, and its R & D expenditure on the idea of green can complete changes in different specifications reached $2.3 billion. The total R & D investment of the company in 2010 and 2011 exceeded US $4billion, and the set goal of investing US $10billion in the company from 2010 to 2015 was that the global plastic output in 2013 exceeded 280 million tons, steadily advancing

2. Increase the revenue of green creative products: in 2010, Ge set an ambitious goal, that is, in the next five years, the revenue growth rate of green creative products will reach twice the growth rate of the company's total revenue. In 2011, this goal was continuously achieved through the $21billion revenue generated by 34 new products and services

3. Reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and improve the energy efficiency of Ge operations: in 2011, GE's energy consumption was reduced to 48.17 million mmbtu, a 19% reduction from the 2004 baseline. In addition, greenhouse gas emissions were reduced to 5.09 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalent, a 29% reduction from the 2004 baseline

4. Save water and improve water recycling efficiency: the total consumption of fresh water is 9.1 billion gallons, which is 35% lower than the baseline in 2006 and 13.5% lower than that in 2010

5. Public information: Ge insists on disclosing information about green ideas to customers, stakeholders and the society. See the 2011 Annual Report of green imagination for details

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