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Analysis of some special paper in China (3)

II. Special paper for daily use

1) clothing paper

previously, there was a "substitute paper" obtained from the chemical treatment of base paper, which was used as tablecloth, bedspread, towel, etc. for one-time use. However, in recent years, the voice of protecting resources and the environment has become increasingly louder, and the view of "one-time use" has been regarded as "stale". Therefore, foreign countries developed "clothing paper". This kind of paper is as flexible as cloth and can be ironed. The paper dress made of this kind of paper is novel in style and pleasing to the eye. The wedding dress made of clothing paper is unique. Because the wedding dress is only worn once at the wedding, it is more economical to use paper to make it

2) water soluble paper (water soluble paper)

water soluble paper can dissolve by itself after soaking in water for one or two minutes. If stirring or scouring is added, the dissolution is faster. This kind of paper was originally developed in the United States in response to the special requirements of the Federal Security Department. It has been a secret for a long time, so its scope of use is very narrow, and it is not allowed to expand the publicity at will. However, scientific knowledge is constantly spreading, so later, a variety of water-soluble paper appeared

this paper has the same appearance as ordinary paper, and the production process is basically the same, but the selection of raw materials and post-treatment process are different, and the requirements for pulp dispersion, upper uniformity and cylinder removal are high during papermaking. The sodium salt of carboxymethyl cellulose contained in water-soluble paper is at least two-thirds, and the other one-third is pulp and additives. The pulp is mixed with sodium carboxymethyl cellulose after beating, and then sent to the paper machine for papermaking after adjustment. The finished paper also needs to be processed to turn it into a soluble chemical structure, and finally cut and packed. No water is allowed to participate in all operations from post-treatment to packaging, so as to ensure the quality of paper. This kind of water-soluble paper can be written and printed. In case of any situation, flush it into the toilet and the paper will disappear without trace; It is used for packaging drugs or condiments and can be directly Airex reg without unpacking; T10 material has the characteristics of one-time extrusion, no fusion joint, better uniformity and so on; It can also be processed into women's cosmetic paper, which is popular with consumers

3) vacuum cleaner bagging paper

is used by vacuum cleaners to collect dust. It is disposable and consumes a lot in Europe, America and developed countries. The paper is generally composed of two or three layers, and the product quality requirements are high. The paper should be loose and breathable, which is convenient for the exhaust of the vacuum cleaner. At the same time, it also requires high bursting and tensile strength. Domestic paper-making enterprises can transform and produce vacuum cleaner bagging paper on small paper machines, process and make bags by themselves after producing base paper, and drift or jump randomly with the indicated value of the professional vacuum cleaner supplier. If the power supply 220V voltage is unstable, it will be exported

4) colored paper rope paper

is mainly used in the production of colored paper rope, woven craft basket, craft hat and other handicrafts, which can replace corncob skin rope, and has the characteristics of high efficiency, stable product quality and high industrialization level. Paper enterprises can transform 1092mm round paper machine for production. There are many varieties of paper rope and paper, and the toughness of the product leads to high initial strength and strong tensile properties. Now there are paper samples for the preparation manufacturers to choose

5) lampshade paper

is mainly used to produce lampshade materials for medium and high-grade lighting, and there are many varieties. The most high-grade parchment has a simulated blood thread, wrinkles and leather sense of different thickness on the paper; Medium grade paper has silk quality, coarse and fine hemp quality; There are also hand-made paper, with flowers, leaves and other decorations added. These copying effects are to increase the antique, artistic and abstract feeling of lighting under soft light, so as to improve the artistic taste and commercial value of lighting. The manufacturing technology of lampshade paper mainly depends on the proportion of raw materials and the manufacturing process to increase the strength, and even increase the flame retardancy and other technical means, which are rich in changes. Such products need to be combined with art, and it is possible to produce multiple varieties and small batches of art special paper

6) cloth substitute paper

in the fiber raw materials, add some wet strength agent synthetic paper, which can be used to make disposable clothes, bed sheets, tablecloths, towels and other special supplies, which is both sanitary and convenient

7) and paper

the "and paper" developed in Japan has the characteristics of low ration, wet strength, high tensile rate, soft paper, washable, and can be divided into narrow web paper. It is mainly used for pressure-sensitive collagen paper, artificial flower paper, disposable wet towel base paper, etc. Especially for towels, bath towels raw materials, achieved good results. Compared with other materials, towels and bath towels produced with "harmony paper" have strong concave convex feeling and good scrubbing effect. The paper is soft in water, does not hurt the skin, and has moderate irritation and friction. In particular, its water absorption, water permeability and quick drying performance are very suitable for making bath towels, which has become a popular new product in the market

8) paper for textile materials

in recent years, based on the production and development of "Wo paper", Japan has successfully used paper as textile raw materials to form paper threads of different thickness through dyeing, twisting and other processing processes, which are used in the production of textiles. At present, the paper used for textile materials is developing towards thin thread (narrow strip paper), such as 10mm, 6mm and 4mm wide paper thread tubes. The narrower the paper is, the thinner the twist is, the higher the strength requirement is, and the more varieties of textiles can be produced. The high-grade T-shirts produced by twisting fine paper thread and real silk on the Japanese market have much better air permeability, sweat absorption and quick drying than cotton fabrics, which are difficult to produce and have high technical content

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Author: Rao Qinfu

source: Beijing Zhongbao Zhiyuan Technology Co., Ltd

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