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Ge develops food safety detection technology and knows about food quality at any time.

Ge ----- Professor Wu Daming/Director of the Institute of plastic machinery and plastic engineering, Beijing University of chemical technology recently announced the development of a new passive radio frequency identification (RFID) sensor tag. This product can help consumers understand food quality. With the new RFID sensor label, you can know whether the milk in your hand has gone bad, whether the pesticide residues in vegetables exceed the standard, whether the fresh meat has been frozen, and whether the indicators are qualified by simply "shining" the food on the cashier

it is reported that the principle of this new passive RFID sensor label is to attach the sensing film that is extremely sensitive to biological or chemical substances to the FID label that is closely related to the food, clothing, housing and transportation of R and people's life, so that 98.07rfid is not only an "advanced barcode", but also a food safety guard that can provide biological and chemical detection in a variety of environments. In addition to the sensor function, this new RFID tag also has the characteristics of no power supply and smaller than a coin

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