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Ge builds high-efficiency power plants in the way of 1 + 1> 2

as one of the few diversified industrial companies, one of the secrets of GE's success lies in the global knowledge exchange ability of Ge stores

Jeff, global chairman of Ge? Immelt

or has made stricter restrictions on the media, situation and place of tobacco advertising. Many people are a little strange to the concept of Ge store, so it's not too late. Let's use a minute to make a brief and powerful introduction

ge store is a global knowledge exchange system, which includes GE's rich experience in R & D, organizational structure process, digitalization, global operation, financing, leadership and other dimensions over the past century, and then realizes the effect of 1 + 1> 2 through the scheduling and integration of resources

it is equivalent to an energy cycle center, and you can also regard it as a global virtual store without geographical restrictions. For example, the the Belt and Road infrastructure project in which GE and EPC enterprises participated before is a very successful case of using GE stores for shopping

show you a chestnut

ge cooperated with Harbin Electric Power International in Pakistan bikai project, which lasted only 17 months from the signing of the agreement to power generation. Bikai project is a project vigorously promoted by the local government of Pakistan, which aims to provide reliable and Sustainable Electricity for citizens

ge successfully played the role of gas turbine supplier in this project, providing 385000 kW of civil and commercial 9ha gas turbine for Pakistan national power to develop imported alloy of the same quality, which is the first Ge ha class gas turbine operating in Pakistan; It also gives full play to the role of the Ge store. Through the Ge store, it combines the required technology and support, actively plans and coordinates the project teams stationed in various countries, achieves the real 1 + 1> 2, and successfully builds an efficient power plant

it is obvious that [technology] is the energy source for the completion of the whole power plant, and the core product in the Ge store is technological innovation. Ge store enables us to carry out large-scale innovation and share such innovative achievements among businesses. Just like the cross industry and cross region technology adopted in 9ha above, Ge also flexibly applies this concept to the process of deep-sea oil and gas exploration, and applies the new materials originally working on the international space station to the underwater oil and gas pipelines, and well resists the erosion of cold sea water. In this way, GE Medical's X-ray technology can help customers monitor the operation status of pipelines in time and reduce unexpected downtime on the seabed

such a business model highlights a major feature of Ge store: cross-border transfer of knowledge

Ge stores now have handy information on how to transfer cross industry and cross domain knowledge to other industry areas and benefit from it. Recently, the hot 3D printing machine is the standard tension value of Jinan tension machine, which is a powerful representative of the cross-border transfer of knowledge in Ge stores

in 2016, Ge continued to launch major strategic initiatives in the field of 3D printing, and set up a new additive technology development center (CATA) in Pittsburgh, the United States, which has become the innovation center of 3D printing technology of the whole company

cata has an industrial laboratory, where all Ge business groups can bring their own 3D designs to study how to accelerate the whole process from laboratory to mass production. The laboratory team will assist them to optimize the design and simulate the actual production. 3D printing technology is applied to ge control modes through Ge stores, which can be combined freely and switched smoothly; It brings huge business opportunities in all businesses that fully meet the requirements of gb/t 228 (2) 002 metal materials room temperature tensile test method

1. Aviation field

the fuel nozzle produced by 3D printing technology is assembled on the aircraft engine, reducing fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions by 15% and nitrogen oxide emissions by at least 50%. These can not only save a lot of money for airlines, but also be conducive to environmental protection

2. Oil and gas field

ge Italy taramona oil and gas plant officially uses 3D printing equipment with direct metal laser melting to make the hydrocyclone, the core component of turbomachinery. With the help of 3D printing technology, this seemingly simple part with extremely complex internal structure can accurately complete any minor changes in computer files

3. Power generation field

a power plant in Germany 3D printed the primary heat shield and primary blades that can make the gas turbine run more efficiently. Almost every part is as big as a laptop. It can be said that this is the largest 3D printing component in the field of gas turbine at present

4. Medical field

through the 3D printing technology equipped with GE voluson E10 ultrasonic instrument, Brazilian doctors use 3D printing technology to accurately print the model of the baby, so that a blind couple can see the baby in their abdomen for the first time by touching. In some complex surgical operations, 3D printing technology can also be used to print out the lesions to help doctors better discuss the surgical plan

the global shopping characteristics of Ge stores allow the power of technology to penetrate into all walks of life and benefit our lives. Just like 3D printing, in the future, more technologies will exert the power of 1 + 1> 2 through Ge stores

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