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Ge Innovation Center Chengdu establishes fali shale gas and primary health care

at the opening ceremony of Ge China Innovation Center (Chengdu) yesterday (May 30), Ge Honglin, mayor of Chengdu, inadvertently performed a cross talk with Jeff Immelt, chairman of Ge

Ge Honglin hopes that GE will invest more manufacturing projects locally, just as two-thirds of Apple's tablet computers are produced in Chengdu. Given that Chengdu and Sichuan are entering a period of rapid development, they need a large number of infrastructure products and technical products that people need. The service level of Chengdu municipal government is obvious to all. At present, it has changed from a service enterprise to a service enterprise

Ge Honglin's words caused a burst of laughter. Immelt responded that the mayor's surname is ge. If one day you can become the mayor of Ge, we will change the company's name into GE company, and Ge and Chengdu will have a permanent relationship

behind the humor, there is actually the logic of GE's westward March. Four years later, jeffimmelt, chairman of General Electric (GE), the world's largest diversified enterprise, came to Chengdu again to cut the red ribbon for its official launch of China's first innovation center

Ge Chengdu innovation center, located in Chengdu high tech Zone, undertakes many important tasks for GE to enter the western market of China, with primary health care and shale gas as the focus

GE's westward logic

at the end of 2010, Ge promised to invest $2billion in China in the next three years to expand its technology in China. 4. When loading, it will establish new joint ventures with industry-leading Chinese companies

ge China Innovation Center (Chengdu) is an important part of GE's investment commitment. So far, GE has invested more than US $80 million in the construction, recruitment and operation of the innovation center. In addition, Xi'an innovation center with lighting and coal gasification as its business core will also be completed this summer

in the past few years, GE has established joint ventures with state-owned enterprises such as XD, AVIC and Huadian to enter into many fields such as medical treatment, energy and electrification. Immelt said that he would continue to cooperate with more Chinese state-owned enterprises in the future

under the background of western development and the migration of manufacturing industry from east to west, Ge seems to be different from many multinational enterprises. The first child of its westward plan is not a manufacturing base, but an innovation center. Immelt believes that GE's approach coincides with China's strategy of encouraging localization and innovation in the 12th Five Year Plan. He said that our growth depends on innovation, not labor

previously, Ge R & D bases were mostly located in developed coastal cities. Established in 2000, the business teams of Ge China R & D center are mainly distributed in Beijing, Shanghai and Wuxi

ge Innovation Center's first son landed in Chengdu, which not only considered the rich local resources and broad market, but also saw Chengdu's increasing international status

in the past 10 years, 12 billion plastic bags, 14.4 billion packaging boxes and 24.7 billion meters of sealing tape have been used in the express delivery industry of aviation, aerospace, electronic information and other high-tech industries in Chengdu. Chengdu has become the fastest growing region in Western China. Ge Honglin, mayor of Chengdu, said that nearly half of the global top 500 companies have settled in Chengdu. As a global investment weathervane, the fortune forum will also be held in Chengdu next June

share shale gas and primary medical care

in 2011, GE's sales revenue in China reached $5.7 billion. Itmer was very satisfied with this report card: when I was CEO, the sales volume was only $1billion, and now it has increased many times

in the future of China, Ge sees more investment opportunities. Shale gas was mentioned by Immelt many times yesterday. He said that the Ge innovation center was located in Chengdu, partly because according to the current survey, most of China's shale gas resources are concentrated in the hinterland of the West

according to the preliminary domestic evaluation, the shale gas resource is about 21.5 trillion cubic meters to 45 trillion cubic meters, with a median of 30 trillion cubic meters. According to the data of the national energy administration, shale gas exploration in China is mainly concentrated in the Sichuan Basin and its surrounding areas. Multinational giants including shell are eager to try this business opportunity in addition to regular adjustment

Immelt said that shale gas development technology is still developing in the United States. It is estimated that GE's technical contribution to the development of shale gas in the United States is about 20% to 25%. The newly established innovation center will provide support in wellhead equipment, water treatment technology, pressure control technology, etc. He believes that the development of shale gas in China will eventually change China's energy structure

in addition to shale gas, the innovation center established by Ge in Chengdu will also focus on innovation in medical, electronic equipment, transportation and other related industries. At present, primary care accounts for less than 20% of GE Healthcare's business in China. Ma Jianing, general manager of Ge Chengdu innovation center, said that GE Healthcare used to pay more attention to the high-end medical field in the Chinese market, but in the future, the proportion of primary medical business will gradually increase to about 50%

our task is to provide more cost-effective equipment and technical solutions for the developing primary medical institutions in China, Ma Jianing said

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