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GE Healthcare group appointed Duan Xiaoying as president and CEO of Greater China

on October 18, 2010, Beijing GE Healthcare Group announced today that Duan Xiaoying was appointed president and CEO of Greater China, responsible for the formulation and implementation of the overall strategy of GE Healthcare in Greater China to achieve comprehensive, harmonious and sustainable development of all businesses in the region. Marcelo mosci, the former president, took office on the same day as president and CEO of GE Healthcare Americas

Ms. Duan Xiaoying joined GE Medical Group in early 2010, during which she worked closely with Mr. Ma Sili to expand GE's medical business in China. After taking office, Ms. Duan will continue to work to promote the further implementation of GE health's creative strategy and provide advanced GE Medical Technology and solutions for the Chinese market, so as to reduce medical costs, improve medical accessibility and medical quality

John Dineen, President and CEO of GE Medical Group, said that China is very important to GE Medical Group. We are very honored that Ms. Duan Xiaoying can lead Greater China into a new stage of development. Ms. Duan Xiaoying was born locally, familiar with China's national conditions, and has rich experience in multinational operations. We believe that its eastern and Western culture and management background, excellent leadership, excellent performance and rich experience in strategy, business, market and quality will lead GE Healthcare to be closer to China's needs and open a new chapter in the group's development in China

on the occasion of taking office, Ms. Duan Xiaoying said that in the historical period when the Chinese government actively carried out medical reform, I am very honored to work with my team to participate in the development and progress of China's medical and health undertakings based on the health innovation strategy. GE Healthcare faces great development opportunities in China. We will always take root in China, cooperate with the strategic objectives of China's medical reform, constantly deepen the company's strategy, and work with the industry to improve the level of medical technology and bring a healthier life to the Chinese people

Ms. Duan Xiaoying is an experienced global business leader. She has more than 15 years of working experience in multiple leadership positions in the global Ge industrial and financial sector and the Asian region. She has served as the general manager of Ge high tech materials group in Greater China, and the chief executive officer of this kind of electromechanical analog signal control, as well as the president and CEO of maitu high tech materials group in Asia Pacific

on the same day, former President Ma Sili will assume the new post of president and CEO of GE Healthcare Americas

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about GE Medical Group

GE Medical Group creates a new era of medical care by providing innovative medical technology and services. We have a wide range of expertise in medical imaging, information technology, medical diagnosis, patient monitoring systems, drug research and development, biopharmaceutical technology, excellence. What they like about 3D printing is not only reduced cost operations and overall operation solutions, which can help customers provide better services to more people around the world at a lower cost. In addition, we are working with leaders in the medical industry to build a successful and sustainable medical system through global policies

our vision of health creation is popularized all over the world. Through innovation, we continue to reduce medical costs, increase medical opportunities, and improve medical quality and efficiency worldwide. Headquartered in the UK, GE Healthcare is a subsidiary of General Electric Company (NYSE: GE), with annual sales of US $16billion. GE Healthcare Group has more than 46000 employees worldwide, distributed in more than 100 countries and regions, and is committed to serving medical professionals and patients. For more information about GE Healthcare, please visit the company website. For more recent information, please visit

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