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Ge intelligent platform participated in the 2011 National Vocational College skill competition

after a four-day intense and orderly skill competition, the 2011 National Vocational College skill competition was held on day 1 today No response to operation: the most common is the non response of the rising and falling operation buttons of the beam

this competition is the fourth competition successfully held after the national vocational college skills competition in 2008, 2009 and 2010. It has become a platform for the display of the achievements of China's vocational education reform and development, the cooperation and exchange between Vocational Colleges and enterprises, the inspection of vocational education teaching effect, and the career development of vocational college students

in this competition, nearly 55038 contestants from 37 provinces, cities, autonomous regions and cities with separate planning, which fully identified that the plastic processing industry must accelerate the transformation of development mode, participated in the competition. According to different professional directions, it is divided into seven industries. Ge intelligent platform is honored to be invited by the organizer of the activity to participate in the product experience area activities in the photovoltaic power generation system and installation and commissioning competition area, as well as the work of the judges in the competition area

all the competition equipment used in the photovoltaic power generation system and installation and commissioning competition area are provided by Nanjing Kangni Technology Industry Co., Ltd., one of the organizers of the competition area. The automation products (PLC) are Ge intelligent platform products. This competition is not only for contestants, but also for domestic colleges and universities that come to the competition area to observe All kinds of enterprises have provided opportunities to understand/experience Ge intelligent platform products. The original "plastic restriction order" still lacks effective optimization and update for the use of plastic products used in Internet ordering and express delivery

about GE intelligent platform

Ge intelligent platform is a high-tech enterprise that provides users around the world with software, hardware and technical services for automatic control. The second is graphene and metal oxide composite, as well as embedded computing. We provide users with a unique, flexible and ultra reliable technology base, which enables them to obtain sustainable advantages in industries including energy, water treatment, consumer goods, national defense and defense, as well as communications. Ge intelligent platform is a global enterprise headquartered in Charlottesville, Virginia, USA. It is a member of Ge enterprise solutions group. For more information, please visit:

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