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When it comes to decoration, many readers begin to frown. In fact, it's no wonder that this job is really troublesome, annoying and expensive

many readers begin to frown when it comes to decoration. In fact, it's no wonder that this job is really troublesome, annoying and expensive. Therefore, it is very important to make a scientific and reasonable overall arrangement before decoration. For this reason, the reporter of Zhuzhou weekly specially consulted relevant industry experts and set out a decoration layout schedule for readers. Although it's not a clever plan, it can at least let the families who are about to decorate have a clear idea of this one and a half months in advance

the first 7 days: measure and draw

the first step of decoration is of course to measure and draw effect drawings. The designer said that the reason why there is no time for drying the house is that the completion time of each building is different, and the owner can measure after the new house is dried according to his own situation. It will take about a week from the ruler to the rendering, even if you don't find the owner of the decoration company to design the house yourself

the second five days: select kitchen utensils for water circuit transformation

within this time, the workers begin to enter the site, mainly the transformation of water and electricity, which takes five days. For the owner, these five days are also relatively busy. It is necessary to determine the color of tiles and sanitary ware, and determine the size of cabinets, disinfection cabinets, dishwashers and microwave ovens, so as to facilitate the workers to reserve necessary positions and circuit sockets for the bathroom and kitchen

the third 18 days: wood and tiles are made together to determine the furniture

among them, the carpenter's time is about 10 days. When the carpenter starts to enter the site, the owner needs to purchase the corresponding main materials, and the aluminum gusset plate of the hanging shed enters the site. At the same time, this time, it needs to determine the color and style of the cabinets and doors, and it should be ordered directly. At the same time with carpentry, there are bricklayers. The operation time is relatively long, about 18 days. However, during this period, the owner should choose the color of the furniture to prepare for the next oil work. The indoor color should be determined according to the furniture and accessories. So owners can choose the color of wallpaper in the furniture, accessories and lighting market during this period

the fourth 15 days: oilers operate and place cabinets and sanitary wares

this is also the last link in the decoration work - oilers. Oilers are the most time-consuming. This is not only because the oilers' work needs to be meticulous. Due to the climate, the oilers also need to smell after finishing, but as long as the paint is dry, the cabinets and sanitary wares can be installed

the last two days: install lights and floor and prepare to move

the main work in these two days is to install lamps, pave the floor, move the furniture home, and then buy the selected home accessories, and then you can move in





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