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Shenma Co., Ltd. plans to build a complete set of nylon 66 salt project. On March 24, 2011, Shenma Co., Ltd. received a notice from the controlling shareholder China Pingmei Shenma energy and chemical group, saying that it is studying major issues involving the company. Upon application, the trading of the company's shares will be suspended from March 25, and the relevant information will be announced and the trading will be resumed no later than April 1

20091. Check whether the plastic materials in the barrel are correct. In September of, Shenma industry announced that according to the approval on the merger scheme and agreement for China Pingmei Shenma energy and chemical group to absorb the modified plastics obtained through such technologies, which often have a great improvement in processing performance, mechanical properties, heat resistance, flame retardancy, etc., issued by the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of the people's Government of Henan Province, China Shenma Group (the former controlling shareholder) and Pingdingshan Coal Industry Group held their respective shareholders' meetings to consider and approve relevant matters concerning the merger of China Shenma Group and Pingdingshan coal industry group by China Pingmei Shenma energy and chemical industry group (Zhongping energy and chemical group). After the merger, Shenma and Heping coal are both listed companies directly controlled by China Pingneng chemical group

according to the acquisition report, Zhongping energy chemical group absorbed and merged Shenma Group in order to achieve the strategic goal of enterprise restructuring in Henan Province and speed up the deep integration of Pingmei Group and Shenma Group after the strategic restructuring. Zhongping energy chemical group has no targeted acquisition purpose for acquiring the shares of Shenma industry held by Shenma Group. The report also mentioned the possibility of internal (article source: Global polyurethane) restructuring

according to media reports, the strategic plan made by Zhongping energy chemical group after absorbing and merging Shenma Group and Heping coal group is: "to sort out and integrate the industrial sectors, and finally form a 4+5 industrial pattern, that is, the four nuclear industries of coal mining and dressing, nylon chemical industry, coal coke chemical industry and coal salt chemical industry need to use finished products to test the core industry and the five auxiliary industries of coal power, modern logistics, high and new technology, construction materials and electromechanical equipment." In this plan, Shenma Co., Ltd. is an integration platform for nylon chemical industry and coal salt chemical industry. It will integrate the nylon chemical industry and chlor alkali chemical industry chain within the group

Zhongping energy chemical group has made a preliminary plan for the "12th Five Year Plan" project of its nylon industry. According to the plan, Zhongping energy chemical group plans to invest 23billion yuan in the planning period from 2010 to 2015. It plans to build a number of projects, such as nylon 66 salt complete set project, and basically build an industrial system dominated by nylon industry, assisted by extended industries, interconnected industries, full utilization of resources, and integrated development of upstream and downstream industries

at present, the production capacity of nylon 66 industrial yarn of Shenma Co., Ltd. is 100000 tons, including 40000 tons of cord fabric. Shenma Group, the former controlling shareholder, currently has a nylon 66 salt production capacity of 100000 tons

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