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The recent week in Shengze Market: the island FDY silk market has increased.

in the recent week (August 10-16), the trading volume of the island FDY silk market in Shengze market has increased this week, but the use of the city door and window corner strength testing machine is becoming more and more extensive. The island silk price is mainly stable. The market price dynamics show that the island composite silk price in Shengze market is stable this week, The central market price of island composite wire dty225d and island wire fdy75d (AA) is 15500 yuan/ton respectively, taking into account not only China's environment, but also the impact of the world's environment, other technological innovation and industrial changes, and about 14800 yuan/ton. The excellent grade of island composite wire dty105d is about 18500 yuan/ton. Both remain the same as last week. Sales: this week, the 225d island composite silk market in Shengze market has a large volume. The main reason is that the sales of some home textile suede fabrics have been started, and the demand for island silk fdy50d and 75D in warp knitting has also increased. The warp knitted suede and other composite products are made by heat shrinking, water washing and other processes. The suede surface shows wrinkle effect. For example, the suede composite mercerized velvet Market is becoming more and more popular in the near future

looking forward to the future, with the first launch of the home textile fabric market, the sales of jet woven suede fabric will rise, and the consumption of island silk will gradually increase. However, due to the cautious purchasing power of the downstream, it is difficult for the price of island silk to rise unless there is a sudden positive interest

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